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The development of frequency converters should pay more attention to the environment and service life

for the current development status of the packaging machinery industry, I will discuss it in two parts: foreign and domestic. First, the current situation of foreign packaging machinery: Germany and Italy are the most advanced packaging equipment, which is characterized by high precision and high speed. Taking the drug cartoning machine as an example, the cartoning machine with 500 ~ 1000 boxes per minute is very stable. Secondly, the current situation of domestic packaging machinery: Generally speaking, there are not many domestic cartoning machines that can stabilize at 150 ~ 200 cartons per minute, about 3 ~ 5, and there are many small problems; According to the needs of steel wire rope experiment in China, other packaging equipment is mainly low-speed machines. Some manufacturers can meet the requirements of customers. The models and performance of most manufacturers are basically the same. The phenomenon of repeated production is very common. There is a phenomenon of plagiarism among peers, and there are few innovative models

Beijing Hanlin Hangyu Technology Development Co., Ltd. mainly produces pharmaceutical equipment, including capsule filling machine, high-speed tablet press, bottled production line, aluminum-plastic packaging machine and cartoning machine. The 6000 capsule filling machine of the company is the first in the world, which is characterized by the largest output in the world, five times that of the ordinary 1200 capsule filling machine, saving labor and space, and accurate loading

with the improvement of the automation of packaging machinery, the role of frequency converter in packaging machinery is becoming more and more important. Our company mainly produces capsule filling machines, high-speed tablet presses, bottling production lines, aluminum-plastic packaging machines and cartoning machines. Frequency converters are used in each equipment, mainly frequency conversion and speed regulation, mainly in the combination of touch screen +plc+ frequency converters

as for the application of frequency converters, our company has applied many frequency converters, such as Siemens, Panasonic, Delta, etc., and most of the models are from 0.4 to 5kW. The inverter and PLC of these companies are good in quality and performance. By comparison, most technicians prefer to use Panasonic products. The after-sales service and technical support of Panasonic inverter and PLC are in place, and the product application is flexible and simple. Taking FP0 series PLC as an example, it is very small (the smallest PLC in the world), powerful, short scanning cycle, and also has the advanced command function of medium-sized PLC

the company is currently facing many opportunities, such as the large demand for domestic pharmaceutical packaging equipment. Opportunities are challenges. With the increase of labor wages, workers' insurance must be implemented. Many heads of pharmaceutical and food factories clearly realize that it is necessary to use as many automated equipment as possible, reduce personnel as much as possible, and save production costs. The main pharmaceutical packaging equipment produced by our company mainly includes bottled production lines (including bottle sorting machine, counting machine, paper stopper, dryer input machine, capping machine, capping machine, sealing machine and labeling machine), plastic packaging machine, cartoning machine, etc. almost all of the above models can use frequency converters. The combination of frequency converter + PLC + touch screen makes the operation very convenient. With the formula storage function, the operator can directly call the formula to adapt to the rapid adjustment of products of different specifications

in my opinion, the future discovery of packaging machinery is also seen in the R & D and manufacturing of analytical instruments in Jinan. The highlights are high speed, high precision, high stability and high reliability. For packaging machinery, Chinese enterprises should focus on innovation. The company also produces halogen-free flame retardant additives. In the past few decades, most of them have imitated foreign equipment. Now domestic machine tools are developing rapidly, high-precision CNC machine tools are everywhere, and the processing accuracy of parts is no longer a problem. Many manufacturing and packaging machinery enterprises in China lack the Department of parts processing technology. Most enterprise leaders believe that with product drawings, everything will be fine. At present, China has laid out seven major petrochemical industry bases. Most parts processing are outsourced processing, and the materials of parts are controlled in the hands of outsourcing factories, not necessarily 100% of raw materials are purchased according to the requirements of drawings, and the parts are inspected after returning to the factory. In fact, the quality of parts is made, not checked out. The dimensional tolerance is easy to check. The geometric tolerance is mainly guaranteed by machining equipment. If the process arrangement is unreasonable, sometimes it can't be checked out, so the process department is also very important

speaking of frequency converter, its main role in packaging machinery is frequency conversion and speed regulation. Now the frequency converters of various manufacturers can meet the use requirements. In the future, we should make some efforts in high temperature resistance, adapting to worse industrial environment and high service life

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