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The development of medium-sized label printing enterprises directly affects the future of China's label industry. For these enterprises, where is the breakthrough in the development of lithography? How to achieve benign development? I think upgrading and transformation is the key! Based on the growth experience of Meiqi, I would like to share with you my thoughts on the transformation and upgrading of medium-sized label printing enterprises

1. Alliance Development

there are two ways to stand out among many label printing enterprises: one is to grow step by step from childhood (currently most enterprises do this), and the other is to form an alliance through cooperation, joint venture or acquisition. Through alliance media, we can break the current market pattern of medium-sized label printing enterprises in China, improve the voice of label printing enterprises in raw material procurement, terminal market, etc., and realize the rational utilization and effective integration of resources such as personnel, technology, equipment, etc., so as to achieve complementary advantages in customer resources, capital operation, management mode, etc., and achieve win-win results. In foreign beverage packaging, such successful cases are common. At present, such an alliance prototype has also appeared in East and South China. Forming an alliance is one of the good strategies for medium-sized label printing enterprises to compete with transnational enterprises: label printing enterprises and large domestic label printing enterprises, but it is also full of challenges, such as the integration between enterprises, decision-making power and so on. May affect product performance; In my opinion, if enterprises want to form alliance figures, operators should have common values and the same development concept. Only in this way can cooperation last for a long time. Meiqi will establish branches in North China and East China in the form of alliances, and strive to become bigger and stronger, leading the label printing enterprises in the country

2. Maintain innovation and establish enterprise brand

the word "innovation" is often mentioned in recent years. So, how should label printing enterprises innovate? What kind of innovation is the real innovation? I think innovation refers to the development of new products that can provide valuable label solutions for the end market and enhance the charm of enterprises in the end market. Take Meiqi as an example. From 2004 to 2005, it jointly developed new technologies with equipment suppliers and became the first enterprise in the world to assemble gravure printing units on embossing machines. In terms of printing principle, the printing pressure of embossing is light, while gravure printing belongs to heavy pressure printing. We have successfully combined the two seemingly impossible technologies. The labels produced by embossing + gravure are more beautiful and popular in the market. In the second year after that, our orders increased significantly, and the packaging of washing products also increased profits. The label products we are currently making are also highly innovative, such as the comprehensive application of anti-counterfeiting technology and logistics information on a label, realizing the integration of label logistics anti-counterfeiting. This label solution not only needs to combine printing and anti-counterfeiting materials, but also needs to cooperate with it technology to establish an information inquiry desk. It can be said that the combination of Internet and labels in the future is a trend packaging container, which also opens up a marketing promotion idea

3. Emphasize lean management

management is a compulsory course for medium-sized label printing enterprises, especially standardized management is very critical. Because in the period of rising raw material costs and soaring labor costs, enterprises have reached the stage of seeking benefits from management. At present, most enterprises attach great importance to the investment of hardware equipment and despise the construction of soft power. This development mode is not desirable. Once the management cannot keep up, no matter how good the hardware is, (4) the new material feature cluster expansion project can give full play to its strong advantages, which will lose the significance of investment. Here, I suggest that enterprises can do 5S management, establish ERP management system (including procurement, inventory, quotation, order receivable, human resource management, etc.), and also hire excellent professional managers to make up for the shortcomings of family management. Many people are talking about the current bad situation, but I think that no matter what the market situation is, no matter what stage the industry is in, as long as the enterprise does well enough, it will be invincible

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