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Maoming ethylene special material development has made a breakthrough

recently, Maoming Petrochemical Ethylene Company and Japan's second largest petrochemical enterprise Chuguang company have successfully developed polypropylene automobile bumper special material. All technical and quality indicators have met the requirements of Japan and will be applied to Honda cars and other high-end vehicles. This indicates that Maoming ethylene has made a breakthrough in the development of special materials. Keeping an eye on the market and working hard on the scene, the development of Maoming ethylene special materials has sprung up in the market competition with strong players. From January to September this year, the total cost of parts has been reduced by 40%, and 20 brands of special materials have been produced, with a total of 198000 tons, accounting for 63% of the total plastic volume, 10 percentage points higher than the average proportion of special materials in transportation group companies, and the production and marketing rate has reached 99.91%, Become a fist product to expand the market and improve efficiency. Nearly half of the 264million yuan profit of Maoming Ethylene in the first nine months of this year was achieved through the development and production of special materials

in order to get close to the market and participate in competition, Maoming Petrochemical Company reformed the ethylene sales system, enabling the ethylene company to realize the trinity of production, scientific research and sales, creating good conditions for improving the development efficiency of special materials. Since this year, the ethylene company has organized production, sales and scientific research personnel for six times to conduct market research on more than 100 plastic processing enterprises with an annual processing capacity of more than 1000 tons, which have a huge demand for rare earth permanent magnet materials in the low-carbon industry in the five provinces and regions of South China and southwest China, to understand the market development trend, determine the development direction of new products, and develop more than 30 kinds of special materials and new products with high technical content and good market prospects according to user requirements. Among them, high-pressure polyethylene transparent packaging film material and cross-linked cable material, full density polyethylene viscoplastic composite plate material and high melting index plastic, polypropylene high-speed spinning material and washing machine barrel material and other special materials and new products are deeply welcomed by manufacturers because of their high technical starting point, strong application performance and good after-sales service. Maoming ethylene's impact copolymer polypropylene special material for sheet materials, auto parts and household appliances, which has been developed for several times, has passed the American JL safety certification and can replace imported products. After being put on the market, the supply exceeds the demand, creating a differential benefit of more than 30 million yuan. Recently, according to the needs of users, the company has developed new products such as polyethylene plastic flower special materials, large-scale hollow plastic injection, new agricultural film special materials, which are weighed by a precision analytical balance to confirm the wear amount, and achieved full production and sales, increasing sales revenue by more than 300 million yuan

in order to establish a stable sales channel for special materials, Maoming Petrochemical Ethylene Company also implemented the sales mechanism of large factory direct supply, established factory to factory direct supply relations with more than 20 large enterprises, reduced sales costs, accelerated logistics efficiency, effectively improved market share, and increased its market share from 15% to more than 35% in Guangdong, the most competitive market

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