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Zoomlion concrete machinery "stars" gather in BMW exhibition

Zoomlion concrete machinery "stars" gather in BMW exhibition

www. the stabilized voltage power supply and leakage protector must be installed on the power supply at the construction site. 6 today we will talk about the matters needing attention of the material tension testing machine China Construction machinery information

the biennial China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery, construction vehicles and Equipment Expo (Shanghai BMW exhibition) is about to open. What innovative products and ideas will the highly concerned Zoomlion Corps bring? Now let's explore the BMW concrete machinery corps of Zoomlion and watch it first

in this BMW Shanghai exhibition, Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. will adhere to the exhibition concept of "green, environmental protection and intelligence", and will appear at the exhibition with new products and cutting-edge technology, which will not only show industry-leading products and technologies, but also fully show the company's technological R & D strength and scientific and technological innovation charm

it is reported that the machinery Corps is mainly composed of four products, which are two in one system solutions, including new pump trucks, mixer trucks and mine tunnel products

integrate m-TEC technology to redefine building materials. Relevant achievements were published in compositesscienceandtechnology125 (2016) 22 ⑵ 9; Composites:parta90 (2016) 606 – 613 feeding

Zoomlion Heavy Industry (SF series) is an organic integration of "dry mixing + machine-made sand". The machine-made sand production unit provides dry mixing production unit with high-quality aggregate without drying. The dry mixing unit can efficiently produce a variety of mortars including plastering, masonry, flooring, and insulation system mortars

neither the two in one nor the three in one (dry mixing + machine-made sand + Commercial mixing) simply put three products or two products together, but adopt the concept of organic integration, completely change the previous production and management mode of "fighting alone", maximize the system synergy, and strive to achieve the effect of 1+1 2. It is a redefinition of the production and management mode of building materials

the two in one model in this exhibition is composed of dry mixed mortar mta3000 and machine-made sand zsl60f. Mta3000 is the first new product launched by Zoomlion after its acquisition of m-TEC, the world's first brand of dry mixed mortar, and a temporary grounding wire is installed on the tested cable; It is understood that the biggest highlight of this new product is the perfect integration of m-TEC's mixer, metering system and screening machine technology, which will greatly improve the mixing efficiency, raw material adaptability, metering accuracy and screening efficiency, reduce the residual rate, ensure the sealing effect and increase the service life

manufactured sand zsl60f is the star product of Zoomlion's "golden sand" high-quality manufactured sand production series. The high-quality manufactured sand produced by this production line has the advantages of good sand shape, adjustable gradation, controllable powder content and so on, which can effectively reduce the production cost of dry mixed mortar

in this BMW exhibition, Zoomlion will not only display floor products for the first time, but also let customers feel the charm of dry mixed mortar construction equipment through on-site demonstration. Mechanized construction is the key to driving the development of dry mixed mortar. The on-site construction demonstration allows customers to personally experience the dry mortar conveying method, and deepen their understanding of products by comparing the wet mortar conveying method through video

it is understood that as long as you visit the Zoomlion exhibition area during the exhibition, you can experience the efficiency and convenience brought by mechanized construction on site

pioneered the new interpretation of the star model of the horizontal boom pump truck

as the leader of concrete machinery and the setter of the national standard of concrete pump truck, Zoomlion pump truck production and sales volume is undoubtedly in the leading position in China. The profound technical accumulation and exquisite attainments, and the never-ending outstanding innovation spirit drive Zoomlion to lead the trend of global pump truck technology development and progress

Zoomlion's 60m horizontal boom pump truck, which represents the pump truck, has been released at the beginning of the year. This time, it is an intimate contact with many customers at the exhibition site. This pump truck has two subversive pump truck boom technologies - horizontal boom +atc

the horizontal boom technology realizes rapid horizontal distribution, reduces the dead angle of pouring, and greatly improves the operation flexibility and construction efficiency; ATC one key fabric technology uses one key control at the end of the boom to move at will, realizing the perfect unity of simple control and precise action of the boom. The combination of the two greatly reduces the operation intensity and difficulty, while improving the overall distribution efficiency by more than 13%, which can be called a model of the application of modern intelligent control technology in the field of pump truck construction

at the same time, this pump truck also integrates 39 technical upgrades, focusing on vulnerable parts, lubrication system, electrical system, hydraulic pipeline, transmission pipeline, structural refinement and other aspects, which will improve pumping performance and construction reliability, and reduce fuel consumption to the extreme

according to the field test of the national construction machinery quality inspection center, the 39 upgraded technologies of Zoomlion can reduce the average fuel consumption of pump trucks by 4%, which will be very attractive to pump truck users

in addition to this high-profile "horizontal boom +atc" pump car, there is also a mysterious pump car star in Zoomlion machinery corps, which brings together the world's top technology, and is bound to give new significance to the development of global pump car technology in 2014

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