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Zoomlion crane engineer Zhou Yanhua "flower" open structure different red

Zoomlion crane engineer Zhou Yanhua "flower" open structure different red

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in the engineering crane branch of Zoomlion crane company, there is a female employee called "flower sister" by colleagues, who is Zhou Yanhua, the head of the blanking line process in the structure workshop. Over the years, she has been based on her position and sprinkled her youth, just like a red flower in full bloom on the front line

Zhou Yanhua (left) is guiding the front-line staff work

the budget conscious front-line "housekeeper"

the structure workshop is composed of two production lines, the blanking line and the structure line. Zhou Yanhua is mainly responsible for the process management of the blanking line. The blanking line is the source of production plan and cost control. Cost reduction and efficiency increase are particularly important. The project of improving the utilization rate of steel plate materials is the top priority. As a nesting process engineer, Zhou Yanhua led the blanking line staff and the crawler crane process department to calculate carefully from the aspects of raw material sizing, material type of parts, irregular plate splicing, rational utilization of leftover materials, and "dig out" the hidden cost consumption bit by bit, realizing the continuous improvement of the utilization rate of crawler crane steel plate materials

in 2014, due to fierce market competition and rapid product upgrading, some materials were left in stock, and many parts were unable to be matched. In order to make rational use of the surplus materials, she led the employees to classify the delayed parts by external shape and plate material, and then reuse these parts through restructuring, which effectively consumed the delayed materials and saved a lot of costs for the company

explore the room for improvement in the workshop

as the person in charge of the production capacity of 200000 tons in the first phase of the blanking line process, Zhou Yanhua devoted herself to the management of the workshop as his own home, and never forgot to improve while controlling the cost

through collection and sorting, the "groove operation tutorial", "blanking and cutting operation tutorial" and "pressing operation tutorial" led by her have become the standard training tutorials for blanking staff, laying a solid foundation for the standardization development of blanking line. In the process of batching, the illustrated distribution list compiled by her and Liu Zhihui effectively solves the problem of difficult material finding for distribution workers, and greatly improves the distribution efficiency. At the same time, in view of the long cutting cycle, Zhou Yanhua led the establishment of the QCC team. She led the team members to sort out the PDCA working method, which greatly improved the production efficiency of the major cutting processes, and contributed to the strategy of "high quality and short delivery", concentrating on eliminating the chronic disease "ground steel" that has plagued the development of the industry for many years

good at communication and helpful

in addition to being responsible for the overall process work of the blanking workshop, Zhou Yanhua has always served as the blanking planner of the blanking line. With a down-to-earth working attitude and skilled business skills, she presided over the work of the blanking line in an orderly manner

in addition to their own business level, the more important work of workshop production planning is communication. How to decompose the production tasks assigned by the production planning office and then distribute them to other workshops according to the time nodes is not an easy job. Under her leadership, the blanking line and other workshops have basically achieved "barrier free" circulation, and the material distribution is accurate and timely. At the same time, as a member of the labor division committee, she always pays attention to the lives of employees, and immediately extends a helping hand when there are difficulties. When an employee is hospitalized due to illness or injury, she always goes shopping in person

Zhou Yanhua said on the award platform for winning the outstanding communist party member of Zoomlion, "I just did what a Communist Party member should do." Zhou Yanhua is such a Zoomlion who dares to challenge and must meet the specified technical requirements for the installation accuracy of moving parts. She is brave to climb and good at communication. Her rigorous working attitude and dedication to pursuing perfection make her the "flower" of the workshop in the eyes of employees

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