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Zoomlion crawler crane successfully hoisted the world's heaviest nuclear power dome

Zoomlion crawler crane successfully hoisted the world's heaviest nuclear power dome

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on December 20, Zoomlion zcc3200np, a crawler crane with one of the world's strongest lifting capacities, appeared in Jiangsu Tianwan nuclear power plant, the largest Sino Russian technical and economic cooperation project, and successfully completed the hoisting of the world's heaviest nuclear power dome, The first successful application of domestic 3000 ton crawler crane in the field of nuclear power has been realized

at 9:08 a.m., at the site of unit 3 of Tianwan nuclear power phase II project, Zoomlion zcc3200np crawler crane was up to several 10 tons, lifting the dome with a total weight of nearly 500 tons off the ground smoothly, and accurately lifting it to the top of the reactor through a series of continuous actions such as lifting, luffing, cross walking of front and rear vehicles. The hoisting process was fast and stable, and the dome was safely placed above the nuclear island of unit 3. In just over an hour, the first nuclear power crane of the domestic 3000 ton crawler crane was successfully completed, marking that Zoomlion has ensured the technical level of the high-resolution heavy duty crawler crane with experimental power to a new level

Zoomlion crawler crane successfully hoisted the world's heaviest nuclear power dome

it is reported that this hoisting project is the overall hoisting of the containment steel lined dome of unit 3 of Tianwan nuclear power phase II project, one of China's three major nuclear power bases, and it is the first dome hoisting of global nuclear power after the Japanese earthquake. The dome has a diameter of 44 meters, a height of 22 meters, a total weight of 476.4 tons including slings, a lifting radius of 105.4 meters, and a seating height of 56.15 meters. It is the thin shell dome with the largest overall size, the heaviest weight, and the largest lifting radius in the international nuclear power construction so far

Zoomlion zcc3200np adopts the lifting scheme of 96m main boom + 42m fixed jib. The rated lifting capacity of 105.4m amplitude is 548 tons, and the maximum load rate is 86.9%. The double arm structure and multi-stage hook balance structure of Zoomlion zcc3200np crawler crane ensure the stability of hoisting. The cross walking of front and rear vehicles reduces the site requirements and ensures the rapidity of hoisting. Its electrical and structural multi-level protection settings also ensure the safety of hoisting

it is understood that as the star of this hoisting, zcc3200np crawler crane is mainly aimed at the construction and development of China's third-generation nuclear power. It is one of the super large tonnage mobile cranes with the strongest lifting performance and the most advanced technical level in the world today; It is also the first 3000 ton crawler crane in China to go offline, complete all tests and reach the saleable state

"In order to ensure the smooth development of products, Zoomlion has brought together top experts from the whole company, including its two national research institutions, and through a series of independent innovations, it has achieved 'double vehicle structure mode and flexible connection device'; 'heavy-duty parallel super long variable cross-section truss arm', 'slewing Ring + ring rail support coaxial double slewing mechanism', 'multi machine drive multi-source common rail, independent/centralized scheduling control', and 'collaborative intelligent control of Double Tracked Vehicles' ’And many other key technologies have made major breakthroughs. " The person in charge of Zoomlion crawler crane introduced

in addition, zcc3200np crawler crane has obtained more than 50 related independent intellectual property rights. Among them, "power unit and its control method" won the 2012 national invention patent gold award. The series of related core technologies not only broke through the design bottleneck of domestic heavy crawler cranes, but also strongly promoted the development of industry technology. Therefore, the products won the "2011 China Construction machinery annual product Top50 Technological Innovation Award"

"Wali new energy plans to increase the annual output of 800 tons of power type 3-yuan materials. This hoisting is the fruit of the first marriage between Zoomlion and China nuclear machinery, a leading domestic nuclear power hoisting enterprise. It highlights the powerful lifting performance of Zoomlion super tonnage crawler crane, which has high precision and reproducibility; it can be used to carry out tensile, shrinkage, zigzag, shear and spalling tests of various materials and excellent product quality according to relevant national or international standards The first successful application of the domestic 3000 ton crawler crane in the field of nuclear power has been realized, and the actual combat has proved that the performance, safety and reliability of the domestic heavy crawler crane are fully qualified for the construction in the field of nuclear power. " The person in charge said

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