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Zoomlion construction machinery 4.0 products help build Lhasa municipal engineering

Zoomlion construction machinery 4.0 products help build Lhasa municipal engineering

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in early June, the 56 meter 4.0 concrete pump truck of Zoomlion, a domestic construction machinery manufacturer, appeared on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau to help the construction of Bangga tunnel project in Liuwu new area, Lhasa. The Bangga tunnel project, with a total length of 1.923 kilometers, is a key project of Lhasa station, the core hub of Qinghai Tibet railway. It is understood that this is also the first show of Zoomlion 4.0 pump truck products in 2016, if the residual and working stress can be minimized or eliminated, which can be seen in the field construction on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. Due to the strain gauge pasted on the surface of the elastic element, it shows its skill

Zoomlion 56 meter 4.0 high-precision and high-efficiency pump truck appears on the "roof of the world" to help the municipal construction of Lhasa

Zoomlion 56 meter 4.0 high-precision and high-efficiency pump truck (left figure) appears on the "roof of the world"

"Zoomlion's new product experience is good, especially the high safety factor!" Zhang Junguo, the contractor of Lhasa tunnel project and deputy manager of the equipment branch of Longjian road and Bridge No.1 company (hereinafter referred to as "Longjian No.1 company"), praised

it is reported that Longjian road and Bridge Group is a state-owned listed company subordinate to Heilongjiang construction group. Longjian road and Bridge purchased three 4.0 mixing plant lines and two pump trucks from Zoomlion for the construction of Lhasa municipal project. One is a large-scale construction enterprise from Heilongjiang in the northeast of the motherland, and the other is a leading construction machinery enterprise from Changsha, Hunan. Behind the "North South" strong combination, it is not only the inevitable choice of the intelligent construction trend in China's construction machinery industry, but also an example of Zoomlion construction machinery 4.0 products being recognized by the domestic market

4.0 products bring confidence to the special group Jinshi Weikai

"the emergence of the company's 4.0 products has greatly boosted the confidence of the sales staff. I feel that now I have confidence when I go out to visit customers and talk about equipment." Said Nie Tao, a regional salesman of Zoomlion in Heilongjiang

according to the data, Zoomlion launched the product 4.0 plan with "modular platform + intelligent products" as the core in 2016. At the Shanghai BMW exhibition in November of that year, the company officially released and displayed its eight series of 24 high-end 4.0 products, including its heavy-duty concrete machinery, construction machinery, and then gradually increasing the load for a series of 10s experimental range lifting machinery, construction lifting machinery, foundation construction machinery, road machinery, etc

since then, Zoomlion's domestic sales branches have carried out deeper negotiations and cooperation with customers around 4.0 products. Many enterprises with less contact in the past also tried to cooperate with 4.0 products, and gradually established a good situation of mutual benefit and win-win results. "Longjian road and Bridge Group is a typical cooperation case from 'nothing to something'." According to hehao, the regional manager of Zoomlion construction machinery group in Heilongjiang, there was little contact between Longjian road and bridge group and Zoomlion before 2016

at the end of 2016, with the release of the company's 4.0 high-end intelligent products, Zoomlion's sales branches customized user procurement plans suitable for their provinces. In the Heilongjiang region of the Northeast Branch, in order to better establish contact with potential customers, the business manager He Hao specially organized and established a "three person special team". He Hao served as the team leader and overall coordinated the regional work. The team members were regional salesmen Tang Hu and Nie Tao. "Tang Hu is an old employee. He is familiar with and professional in the commercial terms of the contract, member coordination, company processes, etc., so he is mainly responsible for this part of the work." Talking about the division of members' work, He Hao said, "Nie Tao is a young man with a lively personality and strong affinity, so he is responsible for going deep into the front line and collecting customer needs."

in order to let customers really "see" Zoomlion 4.0 products, the "three person special team" has done its work in detail. "In longjianyi company, we spent a month, from the machinist in the factory, to the director of equipment, to the vice president of the company, working together up and down." As the saying goes, "it's man-made, honesty is golden". In December 2016, through public bidding, the customer finally chose to purchase two sets of "Aurora green" coating 4.0 mixing plants from Zoomlion

impress customers with products and services. Future overseas cooperation is expected.

"there are many bidding enterprises, and this first order is too difficult!" Nie Tao still clearly remembers the speech of team leader He Hao at the bidding meeting. "He said at that time that we expressed our sincerity as much as possible and sincerely hoped that longjianyi company could open a door for Zoomlion." Nie Tao analyzed that in addition to the excellent technology of the product itself, perhaps the words that carried the efforts of business personnel also touched the hearts of customers

after the establishment of the cooperation of longjianyi company, on the eve of the Spring Festival in February 2017, Zhenghua, executive deputy general manager of longjianwu company, and other relevant leaders personally led a team to the headquarters of Zoomlion Heavy Industry in Changsha, Hunan Province. After personally observing the production line of the plant with fine operation, seeing the Chinese and foreign R & D expert team of Zoomlion, and watching the first theme exhibition hall of construction machinery in China, the leaders of longjianwu company couldn't help but give a thumbs up

"as soon as the three-day inspection was over, the customer was quite satisfied. As soon as he returned to Harbin, he directly ordered a 4.0 mixing plant of HZS120," Nie Tao said proudly, "Longjian road and Bridge Co., Ltd. has launched a number of cooperation with Zoomlion." in the future, our two sides may also carry out long-term cooperation in Bangladesh, Sudan, Mongolia and other overseas regions. " He Hao introduced

in April 2017, Chen Xiaofei, general manager of Zoomlion engineering machinery group Northeast Branch (left), and He Hao, regional business manager of Northeast branch in Heilongjiang Province, participated in the negotiation meeting with senior executives of Longjian road and Bridge Co., Ltd.

"economic and efficient operation, safe and reliable operation, intelligent and convenient management, green and environmental protection". At the 2016 BMW Shanghai exhibition, Zoomlion technical R & D personnel summarized their own 4.0 product concept. Under the guidance of the "made in China 2025" action program, Chinese construction machinery enterprises represented by Zoomlion are carrying out their own innovation and reform, and gradually moving towards a new way to adapt to market development. The "4.0 linkage" between Zoomlion and Longjian road and Bridge Co., Ltd. is an epitome of the transformation and upgrading of the contemporary manufacturing industry to adapt to the inevitable trend of the market

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