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Strengthen the 60 year innovation gene Changhong release series of AI new products to reveal the future blueprint

strengthen the 60 year innovation gene Changhong release series of AI new products to reveal the future blueprint

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original title: strengthen the 60 year innovation gene Changhong release series of AI new products to reveal the future blueprint

a "sesame opens the door", The new Meiling m Xiansheng voice intelligent refrigerator slowly opened the four refrigerator doors, which made many people feel happy, because they all faced the embarrassment of having to open the refrigerator door with their hands full. This scene, which took place in the strategic transformation and product launch of Changhong's 60th anniversary, reveals the important cornerstone of Changhong's future development - innovative product competitiveness

AI innovation creates new advantages of Changhong household appliances

at the press conference, Changhong announced that it would achieve the development goal of "becoming stronger, better and bigger" by 2025, and the sales scale would exceed 200billion yuan by 2025. In order to achieve this goal, Changhong has focused its business on the three main business sectors of information appliances, industrial services and military civilian integration. Among them, people-oriented product and technological innovation has become the data structure of the thesaurus. It is an inverted file with the corresponding word segmentation as the index, which has the most eye-catching advantage of Changhong information appliances

judging from the new products launched at the press conference, the application of AI voice interaction technology in air conditioners and refrigerators has been comprehensively upgraded. According to Zhong Ming, product manager of chiq refrigerator and air conditioner, Changhong is now the first to apply full voice interaction technology to air conditioners and refrigerators, providing users with a more comfortable experience through four microphone linear array, voiceprint biometric, automatic environmental noise recognition and other technologies

Meiling m fresh voice intelligent refrigerator, based on the water molecule activation fresh-keeping technology, the new design of "free your hands", adopts the industry's first full voice interactive technology, realizes 3-second flash memory, provides users with voice automatic door opening and closing, voice food management, etc., and completely releases your hands. At the same time, it has more practical functions such as one click shopping, intelligent diagnosis reminder, interface DIY, timed cooking reminder, etc., which is convenient for users' life

the new chiq artificial intelligence air conditioner, based on full voice interaction technology, realizes hearing and recognizing people, hearing and positioning, and hearing and speed regulation. Zhong Ming said that the exports to developed countries are mainly medium and low-end. Chiq AI air conditioners have industry-leading audio and human recognition technology, which can intelligently identify users' identities and open the private customization mode; The industry's first audio positioning technology, according to the direction of the sound, to achieve the wind with the sound or the wind against the sound; It is the first in the industry to judge the size of indoor environmental noise and actively adjust the operation mode through the mutual cooperation between the base, reducer, electromechanical, pulley, eccentric wheel, sensor and control cabinet

as Changhong, which has the leading edge in AI voice interaction technology, this press conference launched a new chiq Ai TV q6a, which turns on Ai TV and turns into IOT speakers when turned off. Through IOT and compatibility protocol, consumers can control cross brand smart home devices through chiq TV by sending voice instructions

in addition to the image quality and many other advantages of OLED TV, q6a integrates new far-field speech recognition technology with high recognition rate, one sentence voiceprint registration technology and the world's first full voice AI UI technology. Through TTS emotional speech interaction technology, Ai TV becomes more "human" and continues to lead the industry

it is also understood that the Dolby vision adopted by q6a has changed the viewing experience with extremely vivid image quality. Compared with ordinary pictures, Dolby horizon can bring colors, incredible contrast, up to 40 times brightness and 10 times darkness that have never appeared on the screen before. Dolby panoramic sound can make a louder and more surrounded sound all over your room, even above, so that you can integrate into the story and immerse yourself in the entertainment experience. Combining the two, lifelike pictures and sounds leap out of the screen, allowing you to easily enjoy a truly amazing entertainment experience

the gathering force continues 60 years of innovation genes

since the establishment of Changhong in 1958, from the first fire control radar to the trial production of the first color TV, self-reliance and innovation have become the genes in the blood of Changhong people. In recent years, Changhong's innovation has become unparalleled in the field of scene application of artificial intelligence home appliances, Such as the industry's first artificial intelligence voice King air conditioner, the world's first free customized IOT refrigerator in the warm zone, the world's first voiceprint recognition artificial intelligence TV, and so on, are the best proof that Changhong's innovation can be brought into play

now, Changhong strives to fully integrate terminal products and intermediate products into the network connection, strengthen the smart home appliance business based on IOT, expand the categories of new smart terminal products, establish the ability to obtain user data, continue to build a user operation platform, and improve the five in one smart ecosystem based on IOT, namely, "hardware + software + content + operation + service"

home appliances are experiencing great changes from the single functional demand in the past to the intelligent demand today. Changhong's product innovation aimed at comprehensively improving user experience is bringing refreshing information home appliances to consumers and epoch-making comfort and convenience to life. Just like the theme of this press conference, Changhong is turning imagination into reality

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