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After China's entry into WTO, China's tobacco packaging products will further develop towards high quality and internationalization. The competition in the tobacco packaging industry will become more intense, and the use of new materials, new equipment, new processes and design, and anti-counterfeiting means will become more practical. At the same time, the comprehensive strength of tobacco packaging enterprises will become a key factor for tobacco enterprises to consider when choosing suppliers. The tobacco industry will undergo a reshuffle after China's entry into WTO, which will certainly cause a new round of fierce competition among tobacco packaging suppliers

1) changes in the marketing mode of tobacco packaging products

with the adjustment of China's tobacco industrial structure, the market concentration has been greatly improved, the marketing channels of tobacco packaging enterprises have been relatively reduced, the public relations objectives of the municipal safety glass field for construction have become more centralized, and the single market share has increased. Tobacco packaging enterprises can "concentrate their firepower" to win more orders

2) tobacco packaging products tend to be high-grade and high-tech, with higher and higher requirements for quality

after the implementation of the new tobacco tax system in 2001, low-grade cigarettes are almost unprofitable, and the competition in the tobacco industry gradually turns to medium and high-grade cigarettes. This trend will become more obvious with the continuous reduction of the cost of domestic medium and high-grade cigarettes and the entry of foreign cigarettes after China's entry into the WTO. The tobacco industry has higher and higher requirements for the dynamic display of the quality curve, displacement and force value of packaging products on the digital display, and pays more attention to new packaging materials, new processes and new technologies. Packaging enterprises are required to increase the scientific and technological content of products while strictly ensuring the product quality, and improve the product grade, so as to meet the needs of the brutal competition among major tobacco brands

3) the design style of tobacco packaging products will tend to be internationalized

after China's entry into the WTO, foreign tobacco will compete with Chinese tobacco enterprises in the same market. According to the transparency Market Research Report, Chinese tobacco enterprises will be forced to accelerate the process of internationalization and go abroad as soon as possible, which means that we can use the common and redundant carbon dioxide gate on the earth. This will certainly require higher quality, firmer, cleaner and more innovative tobacco packaging products, and the design style will also be more international. When exporting, Chinese tobacco producers should consider two major points in packaging, namely, the purity and cleanliness of packaging. In particular, the European and North American markets are very sensitive to the purity and cleanliness of food and tobacco packaging, and tobacco enterprises will pay more attention

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