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Hidden dangers everywhere look at eight kinds of food packaging products that are prone to hide drugs

safe food cannot be separated from safe packaging, but the International Food Packaging Association's investigation of common packaging products in the Chinese market found that there are hidden dangers everywhere in food packaging. In the words of Dong Jinshi, Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, packaging products in contact with food are called invisible additives. At present, the technical requirements of hydraulic system cylinder configuration, many food safety incidents are caused by packaging. On the basis of a large number of investigations, the Association recently issued a 2012 China food packaging consumption warning to provide consumers with the most accurate and practical method

1. napkin. The association investigated the napkins in some supermarkets and farmers' markets in Tianjin, Beijing and Tangshan, and found that the napkins in restaurants were unqualified. The main problem was that the manufacturers used waste paper in the production process. In order to cover up impurities and whiten, toxic fluorescent brighteners and industrial talc powder were added, which were potential carcinogenic factors. If the color of the napkin is dim and rough, the paper is hard, and there are scraps of paper falling, you must not wipe your mouth with it, and colored or patterned napkins should also be avoided

2. Disinfect wipes. At present, there are two problems in some disinfectant wipes on the market, one is that the bacteria exceed the standard, and the other is to add fluorescent brighteners, industrial essence and other substances. Tan songbin, a "latecomer", seems confident. Therefore, when buying wet paper towels, you must see the logo, manufacturer, expiration date, etc. a team at UCLA is developing graphene based supercapacitors and quasi capacitors that can theoretically charge 100 to 1000 times faster than traditional batteries, which are easy to use

3. Disposable foam lunch box. As early as 11 years ago, China banned the production and use of disposable foam lunch boxes, but due to its low cost and light weight, many enterprises are still producing illegally. Polystyrene, dimer and other substances of disposable foamed plastic tableware will cause damage to reproductive function. It is suggested that when using plastic lunch boxes, they should choose ones with QS marks and try to use them less to contain greasy and high-temperature food

4. Imitation porcelain tableware. Imitation porcelain tableware is brightly colored, light and fall resistant. It has become a special tableware for parents to feed their babies, but improper use will damage their health. At present, it is difficult to identify the advantages and disadvantages of porcelain like tableware in the market from its appearance. In addition to going to supermarkets and regular shopping malls, it is best to buy less colored tableware and never heat it in a microwave oven

c fresh-keeping film. PVC fresh-keeping film contains plasticizer, which is listed as a restricted category by the state, and it is stipulated that meat, cooked food and fatty food cannot be directly packaged. However, the investigation found that there are many phenomena of wrapping food with it in supermarkets. Therefore, it is suggested to tear off the plastic wrap after buying cooked food from the supermarket and put it in other tableware. When buying fresh-keeping film, note that the yellow ones are PVC materials, and the white ones are qualified PE materials

6. Color straw. The survey found that the straws on small restaurants, beverage stores and Breakfast stalls are all three no products. The brighter the color, the greater the potential safety hazards

7. Stainless steel tableware. Cutting corners and excessive heavy metals have become the main problems of stainless steel tableware. Because it is made of iron, chromium, nickel and other heavy metals, it is easy to rust after long-term contact with acid and alkali substances, so this seasoning is rarely used. In addition, when purchasing stainless steel pots and pans, you should pay attention to the words 188. The larger the number, the stronger the rust prevention ability of the product and the better the performance

8. Moon cake plastic tray. The survey found that the moon cake tray contained a large amount of plasticizer, up to 800 times higher than the standard. It's best to buy moon cakes with simple packaging. The more complex and gorgeous, the easier it is to have problems

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