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Realize the dream of green sand and stone Liming heavy industry calls for collective voice

realize the dream of green sand and stone Liming heavy industry calls for collective voice

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recently, the "2015 China International sand and stone technology and equipment exhibition" and the "Second China sand and stone aggregate industry technology development (International) forum" closed in Guangzhou, and professionals from more than 20 countries attended the feast, Learning and observing the current highest level of sand and gravel aggregate technology and equipment in the industry triggered deep thinking that participating sand and gravel aggregate enterprises should achieve "sustainable development" regardless of the distinction between their materials and origin. Liming heavy industry, as the executive director unit of China sandstone Association and an advanced enterprise in the sandstone industry, participated in the dialogue with the main equipment, calling on the industry and enterprises to collectively voice and jointly contribute to the realization of the green sandstone dream

the second China gravel and aggregate industry technology development (International) forum was held at the same time. Industry research experts and representatives of domestic and foreign technical authorities, gravel and aggregate enterprises, and excellent equipment enterprises at home and abroad focused on the theme of "green environmental protection, transformation and upgrading, sustainable development", with "analysis of the economic situation of basic raw materials under the new normal", "building green mines to achieve sustainable development of the gravel and aggregate industry" as sub topics, Carry out multi-dimensional interpretation and Discussion on the sand and gravel aggregate industry to help the calibration of the extension plan of the industry, which requires the idea of zeroing and expansion, and boost the rapid transformation and upgrading of sand and gravel aggregate enterprises

with the continuous promotion of legal construction, environmental protection and industrial upgrading of the gravel aggregate industry have become the key points for the survival and sustainable development of enterprises at present. On the one hand, relevant departments continue to strengthen the environmental protection assessment of existing sand and stone enterprises, and small sand and stone enterprises that fail to meet the access conditions continue to be shut down. On the other hand, relevant departments promote high-performance concrete on a large scale. The quality of sand and gravel aggregate has an important impact on the preparation of high-performance concrete, while the quality of sand and gravel produced by traditional sand and gravel enterprises through backward technology cannot meet the requirements of high-performance concrete. Moreover, with the gradual strengthening of national ecological environment protection and the increasing task of energy conservation and consumption reduction year by year, the current production and operation mode of sand and gravel aggregate has long been unable to meet the market demand. At this stage, a series of problems such as lack of sense of enterprise, weak awareness of ecological environmental protection, backward production methods and lack of self-discipline in the industry have not been solved, which also seriously restricts the development of sand and gravel aggregate enterprises

these factors are both challenges and opportunities for liming heavy industry. Liming heavy industry has made proud achievements in the R & D, production and market application of crushing and sand making equipment in recent years. It was invited to participate in this equipment exhibition and also contributed the most valuable product equipment and advanced concepts. According to the staff participating in the exhibition, the group companies include hpt/hst series hydraulic cone crushers, 5x series impact crushers, VU aggregate optimization system and other main equipment that can show the highest level of aggregate assembly technology, and these main equipment are well-known in the machine-made sand Market, Whether hpt/hst series hydraulic cone crusher used for crushing or 5x series used for shaping shows the serious pollution caused by China's plastic recycling industry. Sanding machine and Vu aggregate optimization system with higher standard requirements. Each process can effectively control the particle shape, and the quality of sand and stone can also be effectively improved. The final product is comparable to natural sand and stone in fineness modulus, grading, crushing index, etc, In order to alleviate the pressure caused by the lack of natural sand, but also meet the stringent requirements of construction projects on the quality of sand and gravel aggregate. At the scene, these equipment attracted exhibitors and peers to stop, exchange and discuss further, so that more enterprises can understand the advanced technology and concepts of Liming heavy industry

in addition to actively participating in the main exhibition, as the executive director and backbone enterprise of the gravel industry, liming heavy industry pays attention to the economic policy and development direction of the gravel industry, focuses on the development of innovative technologies and equipment of gravel aggregate, and provides more intellectual support to the industry in energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection, ecological restoration, recycling of construction waste, etc. Sustainable development, this equipment launch is also the value that Liming has brought to the industry and partners after the market ebb and flow. It hopes to call on all sand and stone enterprises to jointly promote the development of China's sand and stone aggregate in a better direction and realize the green sand and stone dream with its influence of production usually through additive manufacturing

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