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To overcome plastic pollution, rwdc completed the round B financing of $133 million, and weigaoda joint lead investment

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on May 8, committed to the research and development of Singapore biotechnology start-ups that produce naturally degradable materials and use them for commercial use. If the anti disturbance function is good, one revolution of RWD encoder is equivalent to: if the encoder is fixed on the lead screw, C completed the round B financing of $133 million. This round of investment is jointly led by Vickers venture partners (global venture capital company), Flint hills resources (the world's leading energy and resource company), cpv/cap pensionskasse coop (pension fund of Switzerland's largest retail company) and international SA (private equity fund of IKEA holding company)

it is understood that rwdc will use this round of financing to accelerate business development and meet the growing market demand for more environmentally friendly, healthy and naturally degradable materials to replace petroleum based plastic products such as food and consumer goods packaging

rwdc was co founded by CEO Dr. Daniel Carraway and executive chairman Mr. Ruan Mingxing. It is committed to developing innovative biopolymer material solutions with cost advantages, including PHA (polyhydroxyfatty acid esters)

pha is a polymer made by natural microorganisms, which is made from vegetable oil or sugar through fermentation. It is recognized as the only commercially and naturally degradable bioplastics in the world

at present, the PHA products of rwdc are made of used edible oil and have passed the t ü v Australia certification, which proves that they can be completely biodegradable under natural conditions such as soil, fresh water and sea water, and do not leave any toxic residues. Because it does not contain endocrine disrupting chemicals and harmful micro plastic waste, PHA will also improve human and ecosystem health. At the same time, PHA will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help mitigate climate change. In 2018, rwdc won the first liveability challenge held by Temasek foundation by using PHA to try to replace the force measuring sensor in a force measuring system as the secondary plastic, the main bearing component of the electronic universal testing machine

Dr. Daniel Carraway, CEO of rwdc, said: "We are very happy to get the support of the world's top investors, who share the urgent mission of solving the global disposable plastic problem with us. This round of investment will help us significantly improve our production capacity and meet the needs of brands. These brands hope to improve the quality of life of customers and strengthen the protection of the environment by providing materials that have a positive impact on human health."

as one of the main investors in this round of financing, Dr. finnian Tan, founder and chairman of Vickers venture partners, said, "Rwdc is an example of a company that the team values and supports: it is committed to solving the big problems facing the world and can create a positive social impact. We believe that rwdc can make great contributions to solving the global plastic pollution problem, and we are proud to continue to support rwdc and its management team."

with the increasingly serious global plastic pollution problem, the demand to replace disposable petroleum based plastics continues to rise. In order to meet the demands of consumers to choose better materials, the regulatory requirements of governments around the world have also promoted the development of new materials. These materials must ensure food safety, protect the environment, and achieve sustainable circular economy effects

in this regard, rwdc will use the funds of this round of financing to expand the company's production capacity to meet the growing market demand for PHA, including the establishment of a new plant in Athens, Georgia

rwdc's mission is to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to the problem of plastic pollution. Following this concept, the company is rebuilding and reopening an idle factory built in the late 1960s and transforming the idle factory into a new production facility in Athens. This will bring more than 200 new jobs for George to save the samples under the specified temperature test to the northeast of experimental Asia. Rwdc will also continue to carry out R & D work with this round of financing funds

mr. Ruan Mingxing, executive chairman of rwdc, also said: "Since the establishment of rwdc, we have been looking at the environmental crisis caused by plastics from a global perspective. To this end, we have a layout in the United States and Asia. We look forward to expanding the production of this innovative material in Georgia, the United States. At present, the coronavirus epidemic has brought an unprecedented crisis, but we also realize that over the years, due to the increasing pollution of plastics, mankind has been facing its impact on personal health and the earth's environment Serious threat to the environment. We must start to solve this problem immediately and provide solutions that can be industrialized on a large scale. This is what rwdc can do. "

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