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The tobacco packaging industry needs new development

recently, Hongta has introduced new packaging and adopted a variety of new technologies in packaging, which undoubtedly provides a good example for China's tobacco packaging industry

with the increasing call for quitting smoking all over the world, if the tobacco industry declines, the cigarette packaging industry, which depends on the tobacco industry, will suffer a major impact. According to the survey results released by the Belgian consumer organization research information center, the proportion of smokers in Belgium in the total population in 2004 has decreased from 40% in 1982 to 20%. For the first time, it meets the requirements of the World Health Organization for developed countries to reduce the proportion of smokers in the national population to less than 25%, and the country strictly stipulates that smoking is harmful to health

it is believed that Belgium is only a pioneer in this trend of quitting smoking, and more and more countries will meet the requirements of who over time. China formally acceded to the Framework Convention on tobacco control on November 10, 2003. A series of tobacco control measures, including cigarette printing and packaging restrictions, advertising restrictions, sales price restrictions, will continue to be on the agenda

this will undoubtedly be a big blow to the cigarette packaging industry, which depends on the tobacco industry. How to face the future changes in the tobacco packaging industry has become a major event for many cigarette packaging manufacturers in China to prepare for a rainy day

current situation of China's tobacco packaging industry

China is the largest cigarette market in the world. Domestic cigarette factories continue to innovate, and the tobacco packaging market has witnessed unprecedented prosperity. The packaging of some products has even far exceeded the packaging level of some famous international brands, especially the hard packaging of cigarettes, which has created a historical precedent for the world's tobacco packaging. Gold, silver and frosted packaging, as well as the most cutting-edge technologies in the world packaging industry (such as hot stamping, holographic anti-counterfeiting, etc.) have all appeared on the hard packaging of cigarettes in China. China's tobacco packaging has always been in the forefront of national packaging, forming a new fashion of "paper packaging looks at cigarette bags"

since the reform and opening up, China's tobacco packaging technology has achieved rapid development. Cigarette box packaging has been in the forefront of national packaging from coated paper soft box packaging to white cardboard, glass cardboard and aluminum foil gold and silver cardboard hard box packaging with higher transmission efficiency, and then to pet mirror composite cardboard hard box packaging with the introduction of high-end sanding technology. At present, the total production of cigarette packets in China has reached about 35million boxes, and a number of modern large-scale packaging and printing enterprises have emerged, such as Shanghai gravure printing, Qingdao limadon, Qingdao people, Shaanxi Jinye, Hubei Longxiang, Yunnan kuncai, Yunnan Tongyin and so on

now, the domestic tobacco industry has launched laser rainbow paperboard (including BOPP laser rainbow paperboard and pet laser rainbow paperboard) hard wrapped cigarette boxes, which gives people a refreshing feeling and drives the upsurge of using laser rainbow paperboard in the tobacco industry, and the market is gradually expanding. all the time. China's tobacco packaging enterprises are basically established by direct investment, equity participation and holding by tobacco enterprises, and their business operations are basically operated within the tobacco system. The equipment mainly adopts gravure printing production line. In the early 1990s, China's introduction of gravure printing production line reached a peak. At present, there are more than 500 sets in the country

although China's tobacco packaging industry has made a lot of investment and improvement, there are still problems, such as: there is still a huge gap in the overall technical level compared with foreign countries; The proportion of hard flip cigarette packs only accounts for 50%, and the process of upgrading is slow: excess production capacity, idle equipment, and excessive corporate debt; The cigarette packaging industry relies too much on the tobacco industry

in terms of the current domestic tobacco industry's fashionable laser rainbow cardboard hard box packaging, BOPP laser rainbow cardboard is mainly provided by Taiwan yongtoyota company, and pet laser rainbow cardboard is mainly provided by Taiwan guangqun company. The tobacco industry hopes that domestic packaging enterprises will pay close attention to research and development, form production capacity as soon as possible, develop and grow in competition, and meet the needs of the tobacco packaging industry

as an important industrial user of the packaging industry, the tobacco industry has not been fully valued by China's packaging industry, and there is basically no overall communication and dialogue between the two industries. This is very regrettable. However, it is gratifying that after China's accession to the WTO, the two industries finally realized the importance of interdependence and win-win results, and began a historic contact

requirements of the tobacco industry on the packaging industry

after China's accession to the WTO, although foreign cigarettes will not be enough to change China's existing tobacco pattern within 3 to 5 years, these years are exactly an important period for the reshuffle of China's tobacco market and the relocation of the industry. The fierce competition between domestic cigarettes and foreign cigarettes for the retail end market has also begun. The tobacco industry also puts forward higher requirements for tobacco packaging, and the use of new materials, new equipment, new technology and design, and anti-counterfeiting means is more practical

China's tobacco industry hopes that the domestic tobacco packaging industry can understand the latest trends of packaging development at home and abroad, understand the internationally popular cigarette packaging design concepts, understand the latest technology of tobacco packaging at home and abroad, ensure that there is no impact, no power loss technology, equipment and information on safe and environmentally friendly raw and auxiliary materials that meet international standards in the process of switching, and inject the latest technology at home and abroad into all links of China's tobacco packaging material production, Ensure that China's tobacco packaging meets the international standards of exquisite printing, reasonable design, environmental protection and safety. This is the requirement and expectation of Chinese tobacco enterprises for tobacco packaging enterprises, and it is also an important guarantee for tobacco enterprises to expand the international market with strength

at present, there is no tobacco packaging in the world that can match the packaging design of brand cigarettes in Asia, especially China, but if there is a lack of high-quality packaging materials, great design will also be wasted. Therefore, the packaging materials of tobacco are also very important

after China's entry into WTO, China's tobacco packaging products will further develop towards high quality and internationalization, and the competition in the tobacco packaging industry will become more intense. At the same time, the comprehensive strength of tobacco packaging enterprises will become a key factor for tobacco enterprises to consider when choosing suppliers. The tobacco industry will undergo a reshuffle after its death, which will certainly cause a new round of fierce competition among tobacco packaging suppliers

development trend of international tobacco packaging

the eternal theme of the tobacco industry has two aspects: first, reducing harmful ingredients, that is, reducing coke and eliminating pests; Second, improve the quality of packaging. Among them, packaging is a prominent problem, which includes environmental protection technology, process design, materials, printing technology and other factors

tobacco packaging is different from the packaging of other products and has its own characteristics. It is one of the packaging products with the highest accuracy requirements at present. In today's situation that tobacco products are generally not allowed to be advertised and market promotion is restricted more and more, the role of tobacco packaging becomes more important. Tobacco enterprises must make greater efforts to adopt unique packaging, so that their brands can stand out among their competitors. Therefore, the new tobacco restrictions have brought unlimited business opportunities to tobacco packaging. The function of tobacco packaging has changed from simple protection products to the best advertising of tobacco. High quality packaging plays a vital role in improving the added value of tobacco products, enhancing product competitiveness and opening up the international market

at present, the development trend of international tobacco packaging mainly has six characteristics:

1. Pay attention to environmental protection. In the current international trend of tobacco packaging, the need for "environmental protection" is even more important. At present, cigarette products in western countries have a very high degree of environmental protection in every link. Using environmentally friendly packaging products is the "green pass" for tobacco enterprises to enter the world market. Both tobacco enterprises and tobacco packaging suppliers are increasingly aware of the necessity and urgency of using, developing and producing environmentally friendly products. The production and application of "green packaging" products will be the focus of the development of the tobacco industry and tobacco packaging industry in the next few years

2. Combination of various printing methods. The technology and process required for cigarette packet printing is second only to the printing of banknotes and securities. At present, the equipment and methods used by foreign tobacco packaging enterprises are sheet fed gravure printing machine and narrow width wheel transfer brush machine

3. The materials should match the cigarettes of different grades. As the choice of paper is related to the straightness of the appearance of cigarette packs, and directly affects the establishment of cigarette brands, it has become the consensus of tobacco enterprises to pack cigarettes of different grades with different papers. In the future, it will become a trend to use a single white cardboard for the production of cigarette packets and hard boxes

4. Complete combination of various anti-counterfeiting technologies. Compared with the anti-counterfeiting technology used in general products, cigarette packs have higher requirements for anti-counterfeiting technology. On the one hand, tobacco enterprises mix substances with anti-counterfeiting characteristics in the production process of packaging materials, on the other hand, they use anti-counterfeiting printing technology in the printing process

5. The appearance and design are novel, practical and personalized. The round corner design of cigarette box packaging originated in the United States and has been very popular in the European market in recent years. It is convenient and comfortable to put it in your pocket or hold it in your hand. This is a good form of sales packaging, which has not been adopted by domestic tobacco enterprises

in addition, some countries believe that printing the aphorism "smoking is harmful to health" on the outer box of cigarettes can no longer meet the need, but require that pictures of viscera damaged or diseased by smoking must be printed, which requires more printing colors to be added to the cigarette package

6. Soft box packaging is gradually developing to hard box packaging. The globalization of the tobacco industry has had an important impact on the packaging market. The decreasing number of soft pack cigarettes and the increasing proportion of hard pack cigarettes are just a symptom of the intense competition in the international tobacco market

currently, international soft pack cigarettes account for about 50% - 60% of the cigarette market. It is expected that by 2009, the market share of soft pack cigarettes will be reduced to 30%, and hard pack cigarettes will become the main packaging method of tobacco in all regions of the world except Africa and the middle East. The same situation also appears in China. The trend of tobacco packaging is changing from soft package to hard package. At present, China's cigarette soft and hard packs account for 50% of the market, and it is estimated that the market share of hard packs will increase to 60% - 70% within a few years

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