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Be alert to the eight misunderstandings in logistics project management

at present, there are still many problems in the implementation of logistics project management, especially at the cognitive level. The eight misunderstandings listed in this paper have occurred or occurred more or less in many enterprises

the project management system was introduced into the logistics industry in recent 5 years. The time sensor is an important part of the tension machine, but it has been recognized by the logistics industry in recent 2 years. With the rapid development of logistics industry, project management, a more advanced management mode in the world, has gradually been widely used in the logistics industry. The project management of logistics requires the project manager to have various knowledge and abilities, be familiar with the concept and process of project management, understand the essence of project management, and be able to carry forward the advantages of project management

the author has been doing logistics project management in the logistics industry for many years. From some enterprises and some logistics projects, the author summarizes and analyzes eight misunderstandings that are easy to fall into in the concept of logistics project management, hoping to trigger more thinking and discussion among colleagues in the logistics industry

logistics project management system, other enterprises can do it, and I can do it.

this is a quite wrong idea. Whether the project management system can be implemented depends entirely on the nature of the enterprise and the organization and management structure of the enterprise, even the enterprise culture and management concept. For the domestic private logistics enterprises, the time is not ripe. If the private logistics enterprises do not have a certain scale, do not go out of the family mode, or do not have a full understanding of the current logistics market, it is difficult to achieve the logistics project management system

marketers are project managers

whether marketers are project managers and whether they are fully qualified for the role of project managers can be understood by referring to the following "capabilities of logistics project managers". But in fact, the practice of most logistics enterprises is that a marketer becomes the project manager of a logistics project when he finds it. In fact, the project manager is determined by the senior leaders of the company and has certain authorization. His power is second only to the general manager or the leaders of the board of directors directly under him, and he has the power to allocate resources such as talents and funds

capabilities of Logistics Project Manager:

● professional theoretical knowledge of project management, and one or two successful project management cases and experience

● professional theoretical knowledge of logistics management (able to complete the production of logistics solutions) and more than 3 years of experience in logistics. There are more than 3 logistics projects, and the growth rate of double clutch transmission and stepless transmission has exceeded 20%

● logistics operation experience and on-site management experience. The logistics project manager must have actual logistics operation experience and ability, be able to mobilize resources in all aspects, and be familiar with all links and processes of logistics

● be familiar with the process and operation method of logistics information system, and be able to optimize and integrate the logistics process

● have certain organizational management ability and personality charm

● have strong communication skills and relative marketing skills, and have business sensitivity

● have strong professionalism and professional ethics

logistics project is the business of project manager or marketing manager, which has nothing to do with everyone and other departments.

doing so itself creates disharmonious factors "artificially" within the enterprise, which is not conducive to communication. Project management is a cross departmental and cross functional team, and its project members are composed of elites distributed in various departments and positions. Logistics project management is everyone's business, the whole company's business, not everyone's business

logistics project demand analysis, project initiation report and research can be simplified or directly omitted

project demand analysis, project initiation report and project research are important links in the project process, which cannot be simplified or omitted. The establishment of the project is not to put on airs and "show off", but to make the company pay attention to it, so that the company has a sense of honor and fighting spirit, and understands the vision of the company's development. The more fully prepared in the early stage, the greater the assurance of successful operation in the later stage. Some logistics companies rush to make a quotation while acquiring a logistics project, instead of doing a scientific and detailed comprehensive analysis and research, which eventually leads to the wrong judgment of the logistics project. The earlier a logistics project is quoted, the sooner it will die. Bidding logistics projects should not be too eager to quote, but also have sufficient time to integrate the quotation system

it's OK to write a logistics solution.

the solution is very important, but the three links of early logistics project demand analysis, logistics project initiation report, logistics project field research and data collection are equally important. Only the above three links have done a good logistics solution can they be close to customers, suitable for customers, and the future logistics project implementation plan and quotation can be carried out smoothly

logistics solutions and implementation plans are the business of logistics experts

the result of this idea is that after the introduction of the plan, it is not applicable to customers. The plan is beautiful, and customers do not accept it. Some think it is the logistics project manager. Finally, the project manager spends a lot of time writing the plan, delaying the overall management and planning of the project. This has forgotten the essence of logistics project management. The reason why project management is advanced is that it can fully reflect the spirit of teamwork, give full play to everyone's ability and mobilize everyone's enthusiasm. No management mode can be so advanced as project management

the follow-up service at the later stage of the project is the business of the operation Department.

after the project contract is signed, there will be no business, and it will be handed over to the operation Department. This is also the result of not adopting the project management system. The manager or supervisor of the operation department cannot replace the project manager. The project manager must do the whole process tracking service. The signing of logistics project contract is only the first step to the success of logistics project. Logistics is a service industry. The signing of logistics project contract is a continuous service process, ranging from one year to several years

project managers can often rotate and lose

treat the project manager as an ordinary marketing salesman. If you think that the project is successful after signing, you can ignore the project manager. You think that unlike other industries, logistics projects cannot take away customers when salespeople leave. This statement is not unreasonable. Project managers cannot take away customers, but all customers are lost due to the loss of project managers! The loss of project managers will eventually affect the whole marketing system. It seems that it does not affect the development of the company, the operation of the company, and the delivery of goods every day. But one day there is no delivery, so it is difficult for marketers to find business everywhere. Once this phenomenon has an impact in the logistics industry, it will produce such a vicious circle: good project managers and experienced project managers cannot be recruited, and the recruited projects are not qualified projects; Or the pressure testing machine with direct digital control, which had no work experience at the beginning, was paid attention to because of its high performance and low cost. After the hard training of enterprises, it was not retained, and finally one after another job hopping

of course, to do a good logistics project, it is not enough to only deal with the problems introduced above. The situation of each logistics company is also different. Only by keeping pace with the times and conforming to the development of logistics or not clearing the market can we do it

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