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Open up a new "road" - promote the transformation and upgrading of the coating industry with "common factories"

open up a new "road" - promote the transformation and upgrading of the coating industry with "common factories"

July 7, 2017

[China coating information]

since the reform and opening up, China's economy has developed at a high speed, and at the same time, some problems that seriously restrict the healthy and sustainable development of China's industry have begun to emerge. For example, the production efficiency is low due to the serious redundancy of traditional industrial factories, the cost increase of production factors restricts the regional industrial transformation and upgrading, and the environmental degradation is serious, which is difficult to support extensive development. In order to solve such problems, people began to open up a new "road" - Generic factory

speaking of this, it is necessary to explain what a generic factory is. The so-called "generic factory" refers to an independent legal entity factory that provides intelligent processing services for a traditional industry. It realizes centralized production by gathering the processing links of the same traditional industrial enterprise in the factory. At the same time, the common factory uses intelligent manufacturing technology to realize the technological transformation of traditional industries and form an efficient and intensive new production mode. The most important point is that its emergence solves the problem of high transformation costs of most small and medium-sized enterprises (such as some small and medium-sized furniture enterprises, home appliance enterprises, etc.) in the downstream enterprises of coatings

take furniture enterprises as an example: the increased cost is mainly reflected in the recycling of water-based coatings in the spraying process. Large enterprises can basically solve the problem by purchasing spraying machines with funds, while small and medium-sized enterprises are relatively laborious. However, the construction of "common factories" can effectively solve the problems of VOCs governance difficulty, high cost and emission non-compliance of small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to the process workshops using water-based and low volatile coatings, other solvent based coating coating, drying and other related process workshops must be phased out and closed by the end of 2020, and the relevant processes should be concentrated in the "common factory" for processing

the environmental protection of water-based coating is obvious, but there are no special requirements for the use of water-based coating to add no more than 20% recycled composite film material to the construction tools? Is additional investment required? Taking water-based automotive touch up paint as an example, a PPG professional explained in detail the tools and equipment that need to be purchased to transition from solvent based paint to water-based paint. A qualified solvent based paint body and paint workshop can meet the daily needs of water-based paint spraying construction only by configuring a special spray gun, a special blower gun and a special gun washer for water-based paint under the conditions of the original equipment

in addition, pay attention to the following working conditions: storage - control the temperature range of the storage room, which must be controlled between 5~35 ℃; Mainly produces colorants and additives paint baking room - ensure good ventilation conditions and baking temperature; Air source - ensure clean, stable and sufficient air pressure and capacity to supply spray guns and other supporting equipment; Pretreatment - before spraying primer, the surface should be cleaned with pretreatment product d8401 (PPG)/p (AC); Color mixing - it should be carried out in clean and dry plastic containers, and ensure the profile and quality of plastic to avoid affecting the final paint film effect; Spray gun - HVLP spray gun or other special spray gun suitable for water paint spraying must be used; Cleaning - it needs to be equipped with a special spray for water-based paint. He began to look for and try to use other artistic forms to realize gun cleaning devices or equipment; Drying - configure corresponding drying promotion equipment according to the number of incoming maintenance units in the workshop (it is recommended to equip a set of mobile drying equipment and a set of manual drying equipment respectively); Grinding - it is recommended to use a full set of dry grinding equipment

build a common factory, and put the whole production process or some pollution links into the common factory, which is convenient for the government to control the pollution in the production process and is conducive to the greening of the production process (such as using thinner (as low as 5 microns) and higher strength water-based coatings). For example, as the downstream of the coating industry, painting and polishing are the most polluted production links in the furniture industry. By setting up a common factory for furniture painting and polishing, all furniture manufacturers have concentrated the painting and polishing links, so that the environmental pollution caused by production can be quickly controlled

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