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Tobacco packaging - simplicity, health and environmental protection

the future development trend of tobacco packaging "simplicity + health + environmental protection"

on August 25, the "2005 China cigarette package printing technology exchange meeting" hosted by the gravure printing branch of China Printing Technology Association and hosted by Shandong tobacco packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Qingdao, a coastal city with pleasant scenery and a partner city of the 2008 Olympic Games. Shandong is a major cigarette bag production province in China. It is of great significance to hold a cigarette bag printing technology exchange meeting here. More than 200 industry insiders from all over the country attended the meeting to jointly discuss the main interface of tobacco packaging enterprises in the national environment, which integrates multiple functions into one body and is the foundation of life. The two-day seminar has always focused on the theme of "simplicity, health and environmental protection"

main performance: each load can only reach a certain load. In recent years, cigarette product packaging has achieved rapid development. In 2004, industrial and commercial profits and taxes reached 210 billion yuan, and tax and profits increased by more than 20 billion yuan for two consecutive years. In the field of cigarette packaging, the most advanced materials, processes and technologies are used everywhere. With the deepening understanding of the importance of social sustainable development, cigarette packaging with "high technology", "high anti-counterfeiting" and "high materials" has been questioned by "excessive packaging". At the same time, in the face of the competitive pressure of foreign cigarettes, the challenge of the packaging aphorism of the Framework Convention on tobacco control, the development of cigarette packaging in China has also attracted more and more attention

at present, cigarette packaging faces three challenges

first, the challenges brought by the joint reorganization and brand integration of the tobacco industry. Drawing along with the curve: the test results of all samples after the end of the experiment will continue to deepen the industrial reform, the concentration of tobacco industry enterprises will continue to improve, and the brand competition will become more intense. This requires that cigarette packaging should closely focus on refining the corporate culture and spirit, and make the advantageous brands of enterprises more competitive with distinctive characteristics. The joint reorganization and brand integration of the tobacco industry are the main development trend of China's tobacco industry. By the end of 2004, the number of cigarette enterprises in China had merged from 185 in 1998 to 57, and it is expected to drop to 50 by 2005. Those with less than 300000 cases will no longer be given to surviving families, and several famous and high-quality brands with production and sales of more than one million cases will be cultivated

in addition, the number of cigarette brands has also been reduced from 1049 in 2001 to 123 by the end of 2004, and the national goal is to achieve less than 100. 1093 county-level companies were disqualified as legal persons and replaced by cigarette distribution departments

the second is the pressure brought by the tagging of warnings required by the Framework Convention on tobacco control (hereinafter referred to as the Convention). The Convention has entered into force in the first 40 countries that ratified the Treaty on February 28 this year. The Chinese government is in the process of ratification. The tobacco industry should make serious preparations for the implementation of the Convention under the leadership of the coordination group for the implementation of the Convention under the State Council. According to the Convention, the packaging and labeling of tobacco products in participating countries should be ensured by taking and implementing effective measures in accordance with their national laws within three years after the entry into force of the Convention. This means that once the Convention takes effect in China, the outer packaging of cigarette brands must be greatly changed in a short time

the industry's attitude towards the Convention is unavoidable. It should pay more attention and treat it rationally. In order to cope with this pressure, cigarette enterprises have reduced the tar content again and again in order to improve the harm of cigarettes to human health

the third is the challenge of the international trend of green packaging. Among the popular trends of international tobacco packaging, "environmental protection packaging" is particularly prominent. At present, the environmental protection level of cigarette products in western countries is very high. For example, the materials used in packaging are easy to be decomposed in the natural environment and harmless to the environment. Therefore, environmental protection of cigarette packaging is the "green pass" for tobacco industry enterprises to enter the world market. Tobacco industry enterprises should recognize the necessity and urgency of developing and producing environmental protection products

facing the future, China's tobacco industry is facing severe challenges and opportunities. There is enough time to deal with external pressure, seriously make legislative preparations for the implementation of the Convention, and correctly handle the relationship. Some products with transitional packaging, especially "gifts", should be restrained

in the future, simplicity, health and environmental protection will be the main concerns of the tobacco packaging industry

there are various forms of cigarette packs at present, such as soft and hard cartons, plastic boxes, iron boxes, frosted, bronzed, platinum, 5-Pack, 6-Pack, top flip, side flip, sliding box, two-dimensional laser motion, three-dimensional motion, composite film simulation, etc. the anti-counterfeiting technology used is almost comparable to that used in banknotes, which makes cigarette packs too luxurious and over packaged, It has greatly exceeded the basic functions of cigarette packaging. It blindly compares with each other and pursues high-end products. The cost of packaging accounts for 25% - 35%, or even more than 40%. The cost seriously exceeds the standard, resulting in a great waste of materials, which encourages people to blindly pursue appearance and mislead consumption. In the future, simple white cardboard will become the main packaging form of cigarette packs, and the industry itself will strengthen supervision and self-discipline

from the perspective of environmental protection, the trend of cigarette packs in the future is: high-grade without waste, medium-grade without luxury, low-grade without cold. The new material industry is also so sour, forming the characteristics of Chinese cigarettes

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