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Seize the high-end of the industry, Yanjiao high-tech leads industrial upgrading

recently, the author came to Yanjiao high tech Zone shiweitong optical communication technology company. In the optoelectronic clean workshop, technicians are testing the technical performance of each product through precision electronic instruments. The person in charge of the enterprise told us that the products of WorldCom, as key components, are not only used in Shenzhou VII spacecraft, but also will be used in Tiangong-1 target spacecraft and Shenzhou-8 spacecraft launched this year

WorldCom, which has won the grand prize of the technological progress award for research and development cooperation between the graphene flagship company of Istituto Italiano Di tecnologia in Italy and Fadel, a leading Tuscan shoemaking company in care Dali, is a representative of the vigorous development of Yanjiao's high-tech industry. With the regional advantages of good performance and light weight of composite materials, Yanjiao high tech Zone aims at the forefront of high-tech development, vigorously cultivates high-tech industrial clusters with high growth and high return, and constantly promotes the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. According to reports, by the end of 2010, Yanjiao high tech Zone had 182 high-tech and advanced manufacturing enterprises of all kinds, with an annual output value of 11.9 billion yuan and an economic contribution rate of 58%

aiming at the high-end industry, introducing and cultivating high-tech industries are the characteristics of high-tech development in Yanjiao high tech Zone in recent years. They closely focus on leading industries, focus on the industrial frontier, extend the industrial chain, and strengthen scientific and technological innovation. Many high-tech enterprises in the zone have become leading enterprises in the same industry in China. The northern industrial base of ZTE, one of the largest communication equipment manufacturers in China, has been partially completed and put into operation; Hanwang Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with independent intellectual property rights, has become the largest e-book manufacturer in China; Dangsheng Materials Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on the research and development of electronic ceramic component materials and new energy materials, is the only domestic supplier capable of providing lithium battery materials to international lithium battery giants

while adhering to the high-end industry, Yanjiao high tech Zone pays more attention to the cluster and intensive development of high-tech industries. Up to now, Yanjiao high tech Zone has initially formed high-tech industrial clusters such as electronic information, new energy, biomedicine, new materials, etc. 23 projects have been completed and put into operation in the electronic information industry, and the new energy industry has formed a scale with an output value of more than 5billion yuan. In the field of new materials industry, Yanjiao high tech Zone has gathered large-scale PS edition production projects such as Fuji starlight of Japan, Singapore Minyi printing, China Printing Group, etc., with the production and sales volume accounting for 60% of the country, becoming the largest PS edition production base in China. The high-end machinery manufacturing industry has more than 20 high-level enterprises at home and abroad, such as South Korea Seiko Seiko, inpec, BAIC heavy machinery, and so on. With the production capacity of all auto parts except the whole vehicle, it has become an important component industry base of South Korea Hyundai Automobile outside Beijing

lead industrial upgrading with high and new technology and provide strong support for scientific and technological innovation of enterprises. There are 38 units directly under the central ministries and commissions in Yanjiao high tech Zone, including 8 colleges and universities, with more than 20000 professional talents of all kinds, and the talent density ranks in the forefront of similar parks in the country. Taking advantage of this advantage, they established software R & D production with ZhongGuanCun. Next, let's introduce the strategic cooperation relationship between different sub contact methods and corresponding experimental machine industry bases, and establish long-term cooperation relations with scientific research institutions such as the State Administration of foreign experts, Tsinghua University, Peking University, etc. Up to now, the region has more than 30 scientific research institutions of all kinds, including two national key laboratories, 14 scientific research institutions of units directly under the central and provincial governments, and more than 10 large-scale research and development institutions within enterprises. Some of the screw rods of tension machines on the market are equipped with T-shaped ordinary screw rods, which have become echelons of academicians, doctors and professors. More than 100 projects have been included in various science and technology plans at all levels, including 20 national projects and 60 provincial projects

The vigorous development of high-tech industry leads the continuous optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure of Yanjiao high tech Zone and the coordinated development of economy. In 2010, Yanjiao achieved a GDP of 21 billion yuan, an increase of 30% year-on-year; Export earned US $210million, an increase of 12% year-on-year. On November 29, 2010, with the approval of the State Council, Yanjiao high tech Zone was successfully upgraded to a national high tech Industrial Development Zone, becoming the only two national high tech Industrial Development Zones under the jurisdiction of county-level cities, which are as famous as Kunshan national high tech Zone

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