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Establish a new benchmark of "made in China" how XCMG explores global business opportunities

establish a new benchmark of "made in China" how XCMG explores global business opportunities

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on November 22, the Eighth China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery, construction vehicles and Equipment Expo opened in Shanghai. XCMG group, with the theme of "ingenuity is your smart manufacturing", showed the new achievements of smart manufacturing, and released the "gold standard" of the "leading technology, indestructible" action and China's first industrial cloud platform - "XCMG industrial cloud"

as a landmark brand in China's equipment industry, XCMG has ranked first in the industry in terms of main indicators for 27 consecutive years. The sales of mobile cranes and large tonnage rollers rank first in the world. It has successfully developed more than 100 domestic first sets of major equipment, and exports 10000 main engines to 176 countries every year, including Brazil, Russia, Australia, Central Asia The market share of the Middle East and other international brands ranks among the top three... XCMG, which "the index of force coaxiality comes from iso1352 (2) 011 metallicmaterials torque controlled fatigue testing going out", speaks for China's equipment manufacturing with innovation leadership

ingenuity smart manufacturing launched the "XCMG industrial cloud" platform

XCMG's 70 ingenuity works released this time include a number of industry flagship products, such as the first two wheel slot milling machine xtc85 independently developed and successfully applied in China, the world's first five axle dump truck with all working conditions, all hydro pneumatic suspension and all terrain, as well as China's first twz260 subsurface excavation truck and the largest tonnage sqs625a telescopic boom truck mounted crane in China, It fully demonstrates the strong strength of XCMG as a leading brand

in the process of solving the problems of "hollowing out" and intellectualization of construction machinery, XCMG has always focused on key core technologies and parts for breakthroughs. At this exhibition, XCMG focused on the boom cylinder of the first super large tonnage excavator in China, the aluminum alloy water pipe of the leading fire truck in China, and a number of high-end benchmark key parts such as the MYF series electric cabinet and wa drive axle that comprehensively replaced the import, as well as the multi scene hoisting scheme and information-based intelligent terminal, which attracted the attention of the audience

XCMG currently has four categories and a full range of products, ranging from 1.5 tons to 400 tons of hydraulic excavators, 1.8 tons to 12 tons of loaders, 260 horsepower to the largest 550 horsepower mining graders in China, and 30 tons to the largest 400 tons of mining dump trucks in the world. It can provide customers with a complete set of integrated equipment solutions for earthwork construction and mining

in 2016, XCMG joined hands with Alibaba to jointly build China's first "predix platform" - XCMG industrial cloud, which is a huge change of "Internet + cloud technology + manufacturing". On July 15, the "XCMG cloud" technology crowdfunding platform was officially launched. On October 12, the first green innovative industrial design competition with the platform was successfully concluded. With the help of the highly inclusive "cloud platform", massive data is fully shared, and global wisdom collides and integrates on this platform. Thus, XCMG's value proposition and innovative practice of "meeting in the cloud and inviting you to change the world" have achieved initial results

on November 22, XCMG group, together with Huawei, Alibaba, Chinatelecom, etc., jointly launched the "XCMG industrial cloud" platform, which is China's first industrial cloud platform, marking XCMG's active integration into the "made in China 2025" and "industry 4.0" processes

"in the future, either you own the platform or you will be owned by the platform! The emergence of cloud computing and cloud services has produced incredible innovation." Said Yang Yong, deputy general manager of XCMG group

innovation leads to create the "indestructible" gold standard

the business philosophy of "internationalization, lean, short board and sustainability", and the "gold standard" of "leading technology and indestructible use", which is XCMG's Innovation led international development route towards the middle and high end

"we hope that this can become the concept and belief that engineering robots adhere to, embed the cultural core and essence of made in China, lead innovation, adhere to ingenuity, and create a big country and a world-class brand!" Said Wang Min, chairman of XCMG

at present, XCMG's multi product innovation has led the world's high-end technology. In 2015, Beijing Sanyuan bridge completed the overall replacement and erection of a large bridge at one time, and the whole bone replacement project took only 43 hours. XCMG used 4 sets of 500 ton and 300 ton all terrain cranes and other equipment, including a batch of products representing the advanced level of China and even the world, such as the 4000 ton crawler crane, which is the "world's first crane", so that XCMG has become the integrator of the core technological achievements of the industry

"use without destruction" is the lifeblood of the construction machinery industry. It is understood that the life cycle of construction machinery is about 10-15 years. In order to ensure the effective use of the long cycle, it is necessary to implement high standards and strict requirements in each production link

in the mining area of Pilbara District, Australia, which is close to the equator, hot and dry, and the outdoor temperature is above 37 for many years, a super large tonnage excavator has been working for 6000 hours without obstacles, which is due to the hydraulic cylinder of XCMG. "The trouble free service time of China's hydraulic cylinders may not be achieved by some international first-line products. XCMG's parts and components are gems we have excavated in China!" An equipment director of the Australian mining area said

qay300a all terrain crane has just completed large tonnage hoisting on the rarely traveled Mira mountains in Tibet at an altitude of 5400 meters; The old five ton truck crane in the 1960s has been in good condition after more than half a century of wind and rain; In the lujiangba service area of Yunnan Province, a three wheel internal combustion roller in the 1970s is still in normal use; In the eyes of Guo Yinghe, a user in Northern Shaanxi, no matter how good the machine is, it can't be compared with his zlj50 clamp loader that has been used for more than 20 years...

"what XCMG gives users is quality, reputation and confidence. Ingenuity in manufacturing and using indestructible are the factors that XCMG has built a great country. 3: software and hardware weights!" Wu Jianglong, vice president of XCMG group, said

set a new benchmark of "made in China" in the global layout

from the world cup venue in Qatar to the main stadium of the Brazilian Olympic Games, from the pipeline in the oil producing area in Houston, the United States, to the Turkish railway, from the capital airport in Kenya to the Maldives sea crossing bridge... Large tracts of bright "Xu Gongjin" can be seen on the construction sites of these major construction projects

over the years, XCMG's system layout has covered overseas marketing networks on five continents. At present, XCMG has 34 spare parts centers, 40 subsidiaries and offices, 300 international distributors, more than 500 contracted service providers overseas, and its Brazilian base and six overseas assembly plants have been put into operation successively; It has set up research and development centers in Germany, the United States, Brazil and European procurement centers, and acquired three European enterprises including German schweiying

XCMG's global influence is increasing, which benefits from XCMG's internationalization strategy. In 2015, XCMG participated in the construction of the "the Belt and Road", and its overseas service bank activities in 26 countries along the route won the trust of customers all over the world. In 2016, XCMG and Sinopec jointly launched XCMG's special oil products to the world, providing genuine guarantee for hundreds of thousands of equipment. At the upcoming 2016 global dealer annual conference, more than 300 dealer partners from more than 60 countries will work with XCMG to plan for future development

"as the largest construction machinery sales enterprise in Sudan, we are very happy to unite with the best construction machinery enterprises in China." Mohamed, general manager of Sudan DAL engineering company, said. Today, more than 1000 XCMG equipment have entered Sudan for road construction and mining

On October 25, at the presidential palace in Brasilia, XCMG chairman Wang Min and his delegation were warmly received by President temer. XCMG's contribution to Brazil was praised by the president, and XCMG's achievements in Brazil set a benchmark for more Chinese enterprises planning to invest in Brazil

Wang Min said that in the face of the challenges brought by Brazil's economic difficulties, XCMG maintained its determination and adhered to the strategic layout of taking root in Brazil and radiating South America. In this way, XCMG can become a trusted brand with a global user price of more than 30000 yuan per ton, and continue to unswervingly support the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to develop democracy in accordance with the law and in an orderly manner, and ultimately achieve the goal of universal suffrage as a world-class brand

in 2014, XCMG issued the initiative of "working together to create a green world", comprehensively entering the environmental industry and practicing a green development society. In 2015, XCMG won the "Green China enterprise social achievement award"

"in the past, customers loved international brand construction machinery because of advanced technology and high reliability, which can create value for customers." Wang Min said that in the process of in-depth adjustment of the construction machinery industry, XCMG has deeply explored the domestic medium and high-end customer base, vigorously developed emerging markets such as countries along the "the Belt and Road", and maintained the leading position of the domestic construction machinery industry

"only sunset enterprises, no sunset industries." Wang Min said that in the process of achieving the goal of "made in China 2025", XCMG, as the founder, pioneer and leader of China's construction machinery industry, will strive to become a world-class enterprise with global trust, unique value and creativity

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