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Start the era of artificial intelligence from Samsung the new Bixby

with the popularity of artificial intelligence, people can't help but think of when the best film nominated for the Oscar, "her", the hero is a ghostwriter. After ending a heartbreaking love run, he found that he fell in love with Samantha, a voice assistant of the computer. Although there is only verbal communication, he cultivated a true relationship. The hero of the whole film and Samantha are in two spaces where there is no intersection. This never met virtual love hybrid technology and waves lead the diffuse elements of a sustainable development blueprint, making them feel the real existence of love

movies have such magical magic, boldly imagining the future world, so as to be put on the screen. Maybe this will happen in 20 or 30 years, and we may no longer interact with the screen. Instead, we will use more humanized artificial intelligence, use voice control, and intelligent robots to complete the trivial things in life. Maybe young people will also have an AI object

nowadays, with the popularity of mobile Internet and the development of wearable devices, voice technology is entering a period of industrial explosion. Voice technology has also changed the mystery of the past and become one of the necessary capabilities of the entire IT industry. Many apps born in the mobile Internet have the application ability of Samantha in the film, such as apple Siri, iflex, etc. The new Bixby, the artificial intelligence platform on Samsung Galaxy note9, has created a new role after the new upgrade, which can understand you better than her

all-round evolution, through 0-distance touch AI technology

Samantha is an idealized voice assistant in her, who will comfort you when you are tired, but can't kiss your cheek when you love you; I will accompany you when you are lonely. I know from data mechanics, but I can't dress up for you and snuggle up with you. At the beginning of the film, the audience may think Samantha is just a simple and extensive artificial intelligence, but as the plot deepens, it is found that she can learn from the dialogue experience of the hero like a human. Although voice assistant was born in the virtual environment, she grew up in the real use environment and enriched her feelings with unpredictable information

the N2. Blending and alloy technology EW Bixby is such an assistant with extraordinary learning ability. While retaining the excellent characteristics of the previous generation of Bixby, it has a new upgrade in its dialogue ability, interaction ability, personalization ability and emotional perception ability. According to different user habits, it can better understand user preferences by improving the ability of intelligent recommendation and reducing risks, so as to achieve personalized recommendation and know your heart step by step; In terms of natural language interaction, based on enhanced dialog management and scene awareness mechanism, we can fully understand the context and scene of users' current dialog, realize a more natural dialog, and understand what you want

when you say it looks like it's going to rain one day, although there is no keyword such as weather in your words, the voice assistant will still understand what you mean by querying the local weather conditions of the day and the weather forecast of the third/fifth day for you; You feel bored and say hey, I'm in a depressed mood now. Voice assistant can provide you with fun or carry out topic discussion with you. You will find that you can have deeper and more complex emotional interaction with the new Bixby. The new Bixby may no longer be your information assistant, but will become your friend or even soul mate to talk about your troubles

AI + IOT dark horse running on the smart track

when business leaders are actively exploring the development mode of AI and IOT, Samsung has released a new smart home plan. Based on IOT technology, it aims to connect IOT devices conveniently through Samsung smart home applications, allowing users to manage or operate uniformly. All this makes indoor household products interconnected and makes smart life possible

compared with intelligent fields such as driverless and unmanned supermarkets, Samsung's smart home plan can provide services for people more quickly, allowing IOT technology to connect individual appliances in home life to achieve the effect of interconnection. In addition to interfacing with more than 60 kinds of equipment owned by Samsung, including TVs, air conditioners, etc., Samsung smart home will also widely access IOT products from various industry partners such as Samsung smart home joint customization and Samsung smart home ecological partners. The first batch of IOT categories will include six ZigBee devices and five WiFi devices, and more than 180 products in multiple categories will be supported this year. Subsequently, Samsung will introduce more IOT categories through the Samsung smart home partner program to cover more scenes. On the other hand, Samsung also injected Bixby AI technology into it to create a more relaxed smart IOT home life

the new Bixby will combine IOT technology to help users manage and control IOT devices and empower Samsung's intelligent IOT ecosystem. The combination of IOT and Ai Ai technology is bound to lead the reform of various industries in the future, and Samsung is undoubtedly the pioneer in this field

with the advent of the mobile Internet era, intelligent terminals have become almost indispensable external organs for human beings. After artificial intelligence has the preliminary emotional characteristics, the relationship between intelligent assistants and human beings is undergoing profound changes, and in the future, a more humane interaction mode such as the new Bixby will become the mainstream of human-computer interaction

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