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Tobacco industry: realize the tobacco IOT in 2015

Guide: the 12th Five Year Plan high-performance electromechanical cooperation with the corresponding mechanical mechanisms can also achieve linear motion, rotary motion, reciprocating vibration and other motion modes. The plan clearly proposes to take accelerating the transformation of economic development mode as the main line, develop strategic emerging industries, and promote the research, development and application of IOT. At the same time, the overall plan for cigarette upgrading in the tobacco industry further emphasizes that cigarette upgrading is an important carrier and concrete embodiment of the transformation of the development mode of the industry. We should actively promote the construction of China Tobacco IOT, aim at the cutting-edge technology of IOT, and strive to build a China Tobacco IOT covering the whole field and process

realizing the connection of things through comprehensive perception, reliable transmission and intelligent processing is an important part of the new generation of information technology, and it is a strategic emerging industry that the country focuses on developing

tobacco IOT improves the development level of the industry

building IOT in the tobacco industry refers to relying on IOT technologies such as sensors, bar code technology, radio frequency identification technology (RFID), multimedia equipment to collect and obtain relevant data information on the tobacco industry chain, transmit and interact information through industry intranet, Internet, wireless and other network resources, and use intelligent computing technology to analyze and process all kinds of data information, Thus, a network system to realize intelligent decision-making and control includes all links of the tobacco industry chain with planting, processing, purchasing, production, sales, distribution, marketing, service and management as the business entities, involving all aspects of tobacco production and management, such as planting and processing, production and manufacturing, quality traceability, material flow management, inventory management, supply chain management, monopoly management, collaborative marketing, etc., which is conducive to the optimization and upgrading of the industry Technological innovation and progress, management and service level improvement are of great significance and role

the 12th Five year plan clearly proposes to take accelerating the transformation of economic development mode as the main line, develop strategic emerging industries, and promote the research and application of IOT. At the same time, the overall plan for cigarette upgrading in the tobacco industry further emphasizes that cigarette upgrading is an important carrier and concrete embodiment of the transformation of the development mode of the industry. We should actively promote the construction of China Tobacco IOT, aim at the cutting-edge technology of IOT, and strive to build a China Tobacco IOT covering the whole field and process

in recent years, the tobacco industry has made significant progress in the construction of modern circulation system marked by ordering, loading and distribution, electronic settlement and modern logistics, and has preliminarily realized the transformation from traditional commerce to modern circulation. However, compared with the requirements of the new stage of industrial reform and development and the world-class level, there is still a gap, and the means of building a modern circulation need to be further improved. With the rise of IOT industry and the development and application of IOT technology, some tobacco enterprises in the industry began to actively explore the application of IOT advanced technology in the cigarette logistics process, and achieved certain results. The practice of industry development has proved that the full integration of IOT and traditional tobacco industry is conducive to promoting the reform of cigarette circulation system, realizing the optimal allocation of logistics resources in the whole industry, and building a complete, unified, advanced, practical and irreplaceable industry modern circulation network

at present, the development of the industry is facing the pressure and challenges of tobacco control, improving the system, building harmony, international competition and other aspects. The future international competition of the tobacco industry will focus more on the control of distribution channels. The experience of multinational tobacco companies such as atadis in Spain and ts in Japan shows that relying on advanced and efficient logistics to master cigarette distribution channels is an important means to form cigarette market control. Building China Tobacco IOT and building a tobacco intelligent logistics with distinctive industry characteristics, advanced level, high efficiency and rapidity is not only the strategic choice of the industry based on the current monopoly management system, but also an important way to actively respond to challenges with a view to future development. In recent years, logistics, as an important part of the construction of the industry marketing network, has developed rapidly, and has become a new highlight of the industry development. It has become a window to reflect the industry level and show the industry image. Building China Tobacco IOT is also a concentrated embodiment of the overall level, image and ability of the tobacco industry to a certain extent

development status of China's tobacco IOT

in fact, the tobacco industry started early in the application of IOT related technologies and system construction. In 2003, in order to improve the scientific decision-making and management level, the industry officially launched the construction of the cigarette production and operation decision-making management system. The core design idea is to integrate the cigarette finished product logistics information collected by the industrial and commercial enterprise end sensor equipment into the industry's unified information integration platform through the business process of one dozen and two sweeps, so as to realize the timely tracking of the basic information of the output, inventory, sales volume and flow direction of the industry's cigarette production and operation links Monitoring and management. By using automatic identification technologies such as bar code and electronic tag (i.e. radio frequency identification), the system effectively improves the efficiency of cigarette finished products in and out of the warehouse, solves the problem of the interaction and unification of logistics and information flow of stacks of cigarettes, and initially has the basic characteristics of the industry IOT

since then, with the continuous deepening of the reform of the industrial circulation system and the construction of the logistics system, this idea has been rapidly promoted by many cushion material manufacturers, and the application of industry IOT technology and system construction have also made great progress and development. It has successively designed and developed the industry cigarette production and operation decision management system phase I and phase II project, the tobacco commercial enterprise digital warehouse management system, the industrial and commercial cigarette logistics in transit information system A number of industry logistics information systems, such as industrial and commercial marketing information sharing platform, tobacco commercial enterprise warehousing monitoring system, have been widely used in the industry. With the help of these logistics information systems and the extensive application of IOT related technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID), global positioning system (GPS), geographic information system (GIS), the tobacco industry has basically realized the real-time collection, tracking and monitoring of the logistics purchase, sale and inventory, sorting and distribution information of cigarette finished products, laying a good foundation for the integrated application of logistics information in the next step

through the joint efforts of the industry in recent years, the modern circulation system of the tobacco industry has been initially formed and continuously improved, the level of modern logistics construction and operation management has been continuously improved, and the supporting and promoting role of logistics construction on the development of the industry has gradually emerged, which has a certain foundation for the development of IOT. However, there are still some problems, which are mainly reflected in four aspects: first, a large-scale and integrated industrial logistics system has not yet been formed. At present, the industry logistics operation basically takes a prefecture as the resource allocation area, and the single operation is good, but it lacks the overall operation scale advantage of the whole industry, and is limited to cigarette logistics, and focuses more on the construction of commercial logistics distribution system. The integration of tobacco and cigarette logistics, internal logistics integration of industry, and industrial and commercial logistics integration needs to be improved. Second, the current perception of cigarettes and production and operation facilities is not comprehensive, timely, shared, accurate, let alone the automatic perception of the scene environment. Third, standardization and interconnection have not yet been achieved. Because the complete supply chain has not been truly formed, the IOT standard system has not been established, and it is still far from the standardized operation of the whole logistics IOT, resulting in the seamless connection and interconnection between industry objects, systems, and businesses. Fourth, the level of intelligent processing and application is not enough. At present, the logistics information system in all links of the industrial chain has not been interconnected, and the logistics information in the tobacco supply chain has not formed a closed loop. The level of intelligent processing, analysis and application of various logistics data in the industry needs to be improved

construction ideas of China Tobacco IOT

in order to seize the strategic opportunity period of the development of China's IOT during the 12th Five Year Plan, the construction of tobacco IOT will take advanced, practical, unified, complete, safe and reliable as the construction principle, take comprehensive perception, comprehensive coverage, whole process control and comprehensive improvement as the development goal, take the supply chain of the tobacco industry as the main line of business, and focus on the construction of cigarette logistics IOT, Realize comprehensive perception of all links of industry production and operation, interconnection of logistics information, and high intelligence of system application

the construction of IOT in the tobacco industry will follow three principles, namely, advanced and practical, unified and complete, safe and reliable

advanced and practical refers to the active use of advanced, practical, mature and reliable IOT technologies such as sensor equipment, electronic tags (RFID), multimedia technology, wireless communication network, cloud computing, service-oriented architecture (SOA), neural network and holographic technology to serve the construction of industry IOT, which fully reflects the technical characteristics and network requirements of IOT

unified and complete refers to making full use of the existing construction foundation and resources, unified planning, unified standards and unified platform from the height of the overall situation and strategy, ensuring that China Tobacco IOT covers the whole process of tobacco logistics in order to balance the material cost and performance requirements, covering all business links of industry production and operation, and running through the three-level organizational structure of national bureaus, provincial companies and industrial and commercial enterprises, so as to realize the knowability, visibility and controllability of the whole business and process, It meets the construction requirements of up-down connection, left-right collaboration, resource sharing and high intelligence application

safety and reliability refers to the establishment of strict and effective management mechanisms and systems, the use of advanced security technology to ensure the transmission safety, storage safety and use safety of industrial data, and the optimization of reliable technology to ensure the safety, reliability and efficient operation of IOT

according to the development idea of first cigarette logistics IOT, then asset and tobacco logistics IOT, and finally building China Tobacco IOT, Purell kt mr07 not only significantly increases the impact resistance (even at temperatures below 0 ℃), the tobacco industry will carry out the construction of China Tobacco IOT in three steps

phase I Project: by 2013, the construction of cigarette logistics IOT will be basically completed. Realize the comprehensive perception of cigarette logistics resources (including cigarette sticks, pieces, turnover boxes, pallets, vehicles, forklifts, warehousing, storage, sorting, etc.), and ensure that cigarette logistics resources are always in a knowable, controllable and credible state; Realize the overall optimization of cigarette logistics operation process (including cigarette production, warehousing, sorting, vehicle allocation, transportation and other business processes), and ensure the continuous improvement of work efficiency; Realize the refinement of the basic management of cigarette logistics (cost, cost, environment, safety, quality, etc.), and ensure the economic practicality and efficiency of cigarette logistics. Take multiple measures at the same time, and finally achieve the goals of cigarette finished product logistics visualization, process optimization and intelligent management

phase II project: by 2014, the construction of industrial assets (mainly cigarette production and manufacturing) and tobacco IOT will be basically completed, and the comprehensive perception and interconnection of important industrial resources and tobacco production, initial curing and redrying processes will be realized. Some related projects can be carried out simultaneously

phase III Project: by 2015, China Tobacco IOT, which is fully aware of the whole industry, interconnected, advanced and practical, and has distinctive industry characteristics, will be basically built. Realize the full penetration of the whole tobacco industry chain (including tobacco planting, flue-cured tobacco, silk making, cigarette production, warehousing, transportation, marketing, services, etc.), and realize the high automation, informatization and intelligence of all links of industry production and operation

through the above three phases of the project, we will strive to achieve the full coverage of IOT technology and open up all links of industry production and operation by 2015, and basically achieve the overall construction goal of China Tobacco IOT, which is full perception, full coverage, full process control and comprehensive improvement

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