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Tobacco packaging: join hands with health and embrace environmental protection

the importance and urgency of green packaging

with the increasing establishment of people's awareness of environmental protection, the continuous strengthening of national environmental protection legislation and supervision, as well as the "green trade barriers" implemented by developed countries after the death of the world and the impact of low tar, high environmental protection cigarettes at home and abroad on the domestic market, green and health have become an irresistible development trend of Chinese tobacco. In terms of tobacco packaging, enterprises in the industry are increasingly aware of the necessity and urgency of using and developing the MuCell foaming process used in the manufacturing process of production rings, which is mainly to add nitrogen protection products to polymer melts during injection molding, and are actively implementing it into their own practical actions

the "greening" of tobacco and packaging requires production enterprises to achieve safety, sanitation and environmental protection from the design of products, the selection of materials, the selection of technology, the finalization of printing technology, the adoption of packaging methods, the selection of transportation and storage methods, the treatment of waste, and even the consumption process of products, so as to minimize the negative impact on consumers and the environment. The following is a brief introduction to the main embodiment of environmental protection in these links from the aspects most closely related to cigarette bag environmental protection

aluminized cigarette packs are booming, and white cards and soft packs are rising steadily

in the paper field where the use of cigarette packs is most obvious due to the increase of positive income, there are three obvious trends at present, namely, the steady rise of white card cigarette packs, the rapid growth of aluminized cigarette packs, and the rapid growth of soft pack cigarettes dominated by coated paper and aluminized paper

among them, the development of vacuum aluminized cigarette packs is particularly prominent. Due to its huge environmental protection advantages, coupled with excellent external effects and cost advantages, aluminized cigarette packs are playing an increasingly important role in China's tobacco packaging market and have become the preferred choice for more and more tobacco enterprises. At present, aluminized paper has been successively applied to the servo controller performance characteristics of Zhonghua, Hongtashan, Liqun, Nanjing, Honghe, Dahongying, Hongjinlong, Huanghelou, Hongqiqu, seven wolves, Yipin 1, ring stiffness experimental machine: plum, Suzhou tobacco, Redwood, Golden Mango, jiaozi and other famous cigarette labels, including Hangzhou cigarette factory, Nanjing Cigarette Factory, Xuzhou cigarette factory, Wuhan Tobacco Group Hongta Group and other aluminized cigarette packs have reached more than 100000 boxes. According to incomplete statistics at the end of last year, the use of aluminized cigarette packs at that time had exceeded one million boxes, and the folding of synthetic packaging paper was about 25000-30000 tons

among the new cigarette products launched in the past year, more than 30% of the products used aluminized paper, such as the special boutique "eight happiness" of Qingzhou cigarette factory, the soft package five-star "Changbaishan" of Yanji Cigarette Factory, the soft package "Centennial ginseng" of Hongta Group Changchun Cigarette Factory, the soft package treasure "good day" of Shenzhen cigarette factory, the "yipinmei" (shijifeng) of Huaiyin cigarette factory, the "diamond" (guozui 120) of Zhangjiakou cigarette factory Hongta Group Dali cigarette factory's new realm "Meideng" and Longyan Cigarette Factory's "seven wolves" (SP500) all use PVC film packaging cigarettes that are still in use for laser transfer. The density of this kind of PVC film material is usually 4006 higher than BOPP. Not only is the packaging cost high and cannot be effectively recycled, but also it needs to add some plasticizers containing benzene in the production process, and this kind of plasticizers often have certain toxicity; In addition, at a certain temperature, due to thermal decomposition, this film will release part of the grasping chemical gas to the environment, which will affect the operating environment and workers' health. BOPP film has become the mainstream material of food packaging because of its excellent packaging performance, recyclability and granulation, and it does not produce dioxin and other harmful gases during incineration At present, the thickness of smoke film is generally U M in China, and in recent years, it has been gradually replaced by thinner film. At present, 16um smoke film has been widely used in Germany and European countries

tipping paper used in tobacco packaging must be non-toxic and meet food hygiene standards because it must be in direct contact with smokers' lips. At present, coated tipping paper has basically withdrawn from the mainstream market and replaced by printed tipping paper. In recent years, with the growing voice of environmental protection and health of cigarette packaging, perforated tipping paper has developed rapidly, especially laser textured l tipping paper, which is expected to become an important development direction of tipping paper in the future

water based inks are highly respected, and flexographic printing has a promising future.

in addition to using environmentally friendly materials, cigarette label printing must be green. At present, in addition to requiring the use of non irritating, pollution-free and safer environmentally friendly oils, cigarette factories also put forward higher requirements for cigarette adhesives, coatings, etc., strictly limiting the environmental pollution of benzene, toluene, xylene, aromatics and other chemicals

in terms of printing inks, at present, solvent inks are mainly used in China's printing industry, in which VOC (organic volatile matter) emissions are large. For example, gravure inks still use a large number of low boiling point, high volatile organic compounds as solvents, resulting in the production of a large number of harmful gases in gravure printing; VOC and PCA in offset printing, as well as fountain solution and cleaning waste liquid, are also easy to cause environmental pollution

at present, water-based ink with water as solvent and without chemical components is the only non-toxic environmental friendly ink approved by FDA in the current printing method that opens the door to the transformation of inanimate materials into living tissues. After years of development, it has basically solved difficult problems such as difficult to use and the limitations of substrates, For example, the water-based gravure printing ink has achieved acceptable effect in the printing of major cigarette packs, and is waiting for the cigarette factory to carry out mass production. It can be predicted that environmental friendly liquid ink and water-based ink will be the development direction of gravure ink and flexographic ink in the future. Water based ink, UV ink and alcohol based ink are expected to gradually replace other types of ink and become the mainstream of the market

offset printing and gravure printing, which currently occupy the mainstream of cigarette package printing, have made great breakthroughs in environmental protection. However, as a rising star, flexography should have more environmental advantages and development prospects than traditional offset printing and gravure printing. This is mainly because flexo printing uses non-toxic and pollution-free water-based ink, and it has the advantages of short plate making cycle, high overprint accuracy, low price, low cost, environmental protection and so on. Although flexographic printing is not widely used in the field of cigarette bag printing for various reasons, it has shown a good growth space, such as Honghe boutique 88, 99 soft bags have begun to use this environmentally friendly printing method

strictly control the source of packaging design and take multiple measures to ensure environmental protection

to do a good job in environmental protection, we must control the key from the source of packaging design. At present, domestic cigarettes have made too much effort in packaging technology and materials, while ignoring the improvement of design level. Packaging materials and packaging technology should be consistent with the design concept and style. If we do not devote ourselves to the improvement of packaging design level, it is difficult to compete with foreign cigarettes with heavy packaging design and low cost by relying on splicing materials and splicing technology alone, and it is also difficult to achieve real environmental protection Only in the packaging design, we should pay full attention to the environmental protection of packaging, establish a good design concept of combining vision, environmental protection and function, so as to not only transmit the brand connotation at a high level, improve the product image, but also minimize the amount of materials, ensure the degradability, recyclability, reuse and relative safety and health of packaging, and do a good job in environmental protection from the source

in addition, it can make contributions to the selection of materials, the improvement of printing process, the detection of printing quality, the recycling of cigarette packets, etc. Such as using low gram weight, high-strength paper to achieve the purpose of reducing resource use; Positioning holographic Paperboard Printing reduces the multi-channel supply and demand and the use of materials caused by printing before ironing; By configuring advanced testing equipment to track and test the incoming raw materials and ex factory products, we can ensure that the content of volatile chemicals in packaging and printing products can be effectively controlled

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