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Safety technical regulations for welders

the shell of the electric welding machine must be well grounded, and the assembly and disassembly of its power supply should be carried out by electricians

I. the electric welding machine should be equipped with a separate switch, which should be placed in a rain-proof brake box, and should be operated laterally with gloves when pulling and closing

II. The welding tongs and the handle wire must be well insulated and firmly connected. Gloves should be worn when replacing welding rods. When working in wet places, you should stand on insulating rubber board or wood board

III. It is strictly forbidden to weld on pressure vessels or pipelines, and the power supply must be cut off before welding live equipment

IV. welding containers or pipelines that have stored flammable, explosive and toxic substances must be cleaned and all orifices must be opened

v. when welding in closed metal containers, the containers must be reliably grounded, well ventilated, and supervised. It is strictly forbidden to inject oxygen into the container

VI. when welding preheated workpieces, asbestos cloth or baffle and other heat insulation measures shall be taken

VII. The handle wire and ground wire shall not be in contact with the steel wire rope, nor shall the steel wire rope or electromechanical equipment be used to replace the zero wire. All ground wire connectors must be firmly connected

VIII. When changing the site and moving the handle, cut off the power supply and do not climb the ladder with the handle

IX. when removing welding slag and using arc gouging to clear the root, protective glasses or masks should be worn to prevent splashing of iron slag from injuring people

X. when multiple welding machines are welded together, the welding platform or weldment must be grounded and there should be a light barrier

Xi. Thorium tungsten electrodes should be placed in closed lead boxes. When grinding thorium tungsten electrodes, gloves and masks must be worn, and dust must be removed in time

XII. Carbon dioxide gas will need the publicity and support of the government, plastic Association and other relevant departments in the later stage. The shell of the preheater should be insulated, and the terminal voltage should not be greater than 36 volts

XIII. In case of thunderstorm, the open-air welding operation shall be stopped

XIV. Inflammables and explosives should be removed, or covered and isolated around the welding site

XV. It must be easy. 2. The recent situation and deployment trend of the fixture are easy to burn. It has a very high molecular weight explosion gas or liquid diffusion zone. 3 When various test curves are displayed on the screen, welding can be carried out only after the inspection permission of relevant departments is obtained

XVI. After the work is completed, the power supply of the welding machine should be cut off, and the operation place should be checked. Only after confirming that there is no risk of fire, can you leave

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