Safety technology for the running mechanism of the

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Safety technology of trolley running mechanism

(I) transmission form and composition of trolley running mechanism

the trolley running mechanism of small and medium-sized cranes adopts the form of centralized drive, and the trolley running mechanism of large lifting cranes adopts the form of separate drive

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the trolley running mechanism is composed of motor, brake and coupling sheet. The size and shape may also affect the thermal conductivity, reducer, transmission shaft and wheels. Generally, there are four trolley wheels, two driving wheels and two driven wheels

(II) safety technology of trolley running mechanism

1 Brake

① the trolley running mechanism must be equipped with a brake to ensure that it can stop safely within the allowable braking travel range after power failure. The allowable braking stroke shall comply with the following formula:

where V trolley rated running speed, m/min

② the trolley brake should also provide various equipment information, and should be checked and adjusted every 2-3 days

2. Limiter

the two terminals of the trolley travel must be installed with a limiter, and a limited safety ruler should be installed at the bottom of the trolley frame to ensure that when the trolley reaches the terminal, it touches the rotating arm of the limiter and opens the normally closed contact to cut off power and stop

3. Buffer and stop baffle

spring or hydraulic buffer must be installed on the trolley frame, and stop baffle is welded at the corresponding part of the end of the cover plate on the main beam to make it collide with the bumper in the middle, which can not only prevent the trolley from continuing to run off track and falling off the track, but also play the role of cushioning and shock absorption

then: xp-p=1067 ·

4 Rail sweeping plate

the rail sweeping plate should be installed in front of the trolley wheel, and the gap between its bottom edge and the rail top surface is 10mm. In addition, when the trolley wheel is a single rim, the rim should be installed close to the outside of the track, especially when reinstalled after repair, it should not be installed upside down

the safety technical requirements when operating the trolley are the same as those of the crane, and will not be repeated

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