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Safety technical specifications for tower crane commanders

1. Tower crane commanders must be trained and qualified before taking up their posts

2. The commander must wear a helmet and write the decimal point of the fault. The commander of high-altitude operation must wear a safety belt

3. Have professional knowledge of hoisting, be familiar with the performance of tower cranes, have familiar international unified signals, and command accurately

4. Concentrate during work and decide to cancel drinking and fighting without resolution

5. The commander should stand in a place with good vision. It is not allowed to leave the post without authorization and ask others to take the post instead of him. He should cooperate with the driver in the operation

6. Non relevant personnel are not allowed to enter within the rotation radius of the tower crane and under the jib

However, it is not necessary to import the static stress result of unit load

7. In case of strong wind or bad weather above level 6, stop commanding high-altitude hoisting operations

8. The twin-screw extruder has less heat generated by friction, the material is sheared evenly, the conveying capacity of the screw is large, the extrusion volume is relatively stable, and the material stays in the barrel for a long time. It is strictly prohibited to take risks and command against rules

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