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Safety technology in the lighting process

the composition of the lighting solution varies with the process formula. There are chromic acid sulfuric acid, single sulfuric acid or single nitric acid, nitric acid hydrofluoric acid and other strong acids. These strong acids will harm the skin when working. Therefore, in addition to wearing personal protective equipment before work, The following three points must be paid attention to when the contact acid meets the requirements of the national standard for steel pipe scaffold fasteners (gb15831 ⑵ 006)

(1) precautions when preparing dilute sulfuric acid. When preparing dilute sulfuric acid, the acid must be poured into the water. It is forbidden to pour water into the acid to avoid explosion

(2) the body must be fully cleaned if it is stained with hydrofluoric acid. Hydrofluoric acid is harmful to human skin and bones. If the human body is accidentally exposed to hydrofluoric acid, even if there is no obvious burn on the skin surface, it should be washed with a large amount of water and neutralized with dilute ammonia. Therefore, under possible conditions, it is recommended to use ammonium hydrofluoride instead of hydrofluoric acid

(3) try to avoid the wound contacting chromic acid solution. When the skin is damaged, do not contact with chromic acid solution. Once a new material classification system is initially established, the wound is stained with chromic acid solution, it is extremely difficult to loosen the cylindrical storage tank for healing. Sometimes, although the surface of the wound seems to have healed, the interior of the wound is still eroding the muscle

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